November/December 2013

Table of Contents

12. Making Gratitude Real

By Peter Bolland

If you’re feeling depressed, keeping a daily gratitude journal can help change your perspective on life. It’s all about the process.

14. Insights From the Early Christian Church

By Jesse Tanner

As we venture in the 21st century, we can look to the past for advice about relevant spiritual questions.
Sidebar: The Origin of Christmas

18. The Carol That Stopped a War

By Victor Parachin

The popular Christmas song “Silent Night” has fascinating origins, from the Western Front of World War I to a church in Austria.

27. The Ties That Bind

By Renée Trudeau

If you become irritable toward family and friends, it may be because of your own self-limiting beliefs. Get in touch with your needs and become more compassionate toward your loved ones.
Sidebar: Close Your Eyes and Ask Yourself These Questions

30. Deconstructing Conflict

By Annie Scholl

Don’t jump to conclusions and let a misunderstanding ruin a relationship. Shift your consciousness and add to peace in the world.

32. Bringing Buddha to Your Holiday Table

By Janet Nima Taylor

The holiday season stirs up a potpourri of emotions within all of us. Relax and help make this a peaceful Christmas and New Year’s.
Sidebar: Visualize and Radiate Loving-Kindness

36. Prospering During the Spiritual Journey

By Deborah Shouse

Many people resolve to generate more wealth in the new year. Follow these tips to help make your wish a reality.