November/December 2014

Table of Contents

12. Mother May I?

By Christina Stevens

A spirited filmmaker dares to do the impossible—receive permission to film Mother Teresa talking about her life’s work in her Calcutta missionary. As she shares in her book about the experience, excerpted here, what she manifested was nothing short of a miracle.

14. Hitting the High Notes

By Deborah Shouse

Think music is merely entertainment? Reading about these three virtuoso visionaries will surely change your tune! Each developed a unique way to use music to help others receive profound healing. Together they’ve touched countless lives.

18. The Hallelujah Chorus

By Barbara Bowen

Everyone expected the season’s final performance of Handel’s Messiah to be just another concert—until it exploded into an experience of vibrant Oneness connecting thousands of performers and audience members in a way none present could ever forget.

20. A Sonic Tonic

By Annie L. Scholl

How one man stumbled upon the ability to use his own voice to help others reach healing states of self-transformation. The subject of a new documentary, he also transformed himself—from spiritual seeker to therapist to researcher and finally to sound healer.

26. Listening in With … India.Arie
Sound Affects

By Katy Koontz

This Grammy-winner does more than sing, she connects soul-to-soul in what she terms not a concert but a songversation. Her goal is to remind us that we are all “divinity defined … the God on the inside.” In a word: light.

32. Good Vibrations

By Katy Koontz

Eager to learn the secrets of attaining the deep states of meditation yogis and Tibetan monks are famous for? Spend a week at this research and education institute that uses sound technology to get you there faster than you ever imagined was possible.

36. Talking Tiwa

By Sam Friedlander

A look at how a Native American people see their ancient tongue as literally vibrating everything into being. While this verb-only language may seem hard to wrap your head around, its perspective on the power of our words is certainly potent.