November/December 2015

Table of Contents

14. Growing Versus Grumbling

By Susan Stiffelman

Raising kids with consciousness begins with parents who practice being conscious themselves. A family therapist shares insightful advice for doing just that in this excerpt from her latest book, a guide for connecting with your children more deeply and authentically.

18. Parenting as a Spiritual Quest

By Zhena Muzyka

The founder of Zhena's Gypsy Tea recounts her journey from despair and near destitution to realizing a dazzling destiny—guided by her kids. But what began as a way to share her heritage and feed her family ended up helping mothers half a world away feed theirs too.

22. True North

By Sam Friedlander

A young woman takes a look back at her spiritual roots, reflecting on what can happen when parents endeavor to teach their children not what truths to believe, but how to discover what beliefs are truly theirs.

26. Listening in With … Eckhart Tolle
Raising Conscious Kids

By Katy Koontz

A revered spiritual teacher says more parents than ever are raising their children to be conscious. An added bonus: Many kids today are born more conscious from the start. This evolution, he says, makes for far less suffering and much more presence.

30. Jump-Starting Joy

By Deborah Shouse

Kathy Walsh was a fast-track fashionista when she decided to switch gears and focus on children. Already experienced in meditation, she found fulfillment teaching kids simple mindfulness techniques and positive thinking practices to help them live more peaceful, joyous lives.

34. ‘Thank You God for Purple Crayons,’ And Other Potent Prayers

By Rev. Nancy Zala

A New Thought minister shares her experiences teaching young children to pray, discovering what is most on their minds and in their hearts in the process. What their dialogues reveal is touching indeed. (Spoiler alert: Grasshoppers everywhere are grateful.)