The Inside Scoop

Katy Koontz

Few things tug on our hearts as much as our children. The most descriptive quote I’ve ever read about that came from author and Fordham University professor of English Elizabeth Stone, who said having a child “is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” 

While Eckhart Tolle (this issue’s “Listening in With …”) is not a parent himself, the New York Times best-selling author of The Power of Now (New World Library, 1999) and A New Earth (Dutton/Penguin, 2005) believes teaching the next generation about presence is vital. Tolle even wrote a children’s story with Robert S. Friedman called Milton’s Secret (Hampton Roads, 2008), now being made into a movie starring Donald Sutherland for release next fall.

Yet Tolle is not content to merely share his own ideas—especially in these tumultuous times. To that end, earlier this year New World Library announced its new Eckhart Tolle Editions imprint, which gives Tolle a platform for promoting authors whose ideas he finds especially significant. He’ll even pen a foreword or introduction for each. The imprint made its debut with Parenting With Presence by Susan Stiffelman (excerpted in this issue), followed a month later by The Calm Center by Steve Taylor. 

What a different spiritual landscape our children are growing up in today. A generation ago, few of us were encouraged to be here now or to go within for guidance (Wee Wisdom® readers excepted). Consciousness was what you lost if you hit your head, and present was what you answered when the teacher called your name in homeroom. New Thought ideas are now more accepted than ever—even if they’re not quite mainstream (yet). 

And not a moment too soon: As we began work on this issue, graphic designer Hailee Pavey announced the impending arrival of her second child. Other staffers parenting little ones include lead copy editor David Penner and graphic designer Janelle Giles, each with one, while art director Amy Nell has a middle schooler and another child in college. Managing editor Lila Herrmann and editorial assistant Sharon Sartin join me in the mothers-of-grown-daughters club, while production manager Lori Sales helped guide two stepsons to recent adulthood. And, of course, those staff members who aren’t parents themselves certainly have children in their lives whom they hold very dear.

We all strive to raise our kids with consciousness. When she was a toddler, my daughter Sam and I regularly discussed how we are more than our physical   bodies, how God lives within all of us instead of on some cloud in the cosmos, and how affirming the spark of divine light in others helps it grow—even if you can’t tell from the outside. But don’t take my word for it. In her article in this issue, “True North,” now-adult Sam describes her spiritual upbringing in her own words. I’ve never been prouder of that beautiful heart that goes dancing around outside my body.

May we prove to be worthy stewards to all our precious children as they add their love-light to our world. 

Katy Koontz, Editor