November/December 2017

Table of Contents

10. Sage & Savvy Voices:
Six Powerful Habits for Feeling More Love More Often


An unconventional artist known for her creativity and wildly transformative ideas shares half a dozen potent guidelines for revolutionary relationships.

12. Going Over the Edge

By Christine Sherman, as told to Molly Pennington, Ph.D.

After her third cancer diagnosis, this brave young woman chose to face a completely new kind of fear, separate from her illness. In the process, she learned how to let go with trust.

16. Life Behind Bars

By Rev. Bill Englehart, as told to Annie L. Scholl

Swallowing his initial discomfort, a Unity minister discovers a group of “lifers” in the country’s largest prison who are eager for his guidance in cultivating a connection with the Divine.

20. Listening in With … Judith Orloff:
Reinforce Your Resilience

By Katy Koontz

A noted psychiatrist and best-selling author explains why developing resilience is more important than ever. The secret, she says, is opening our heart, not asserting our will.

24. Politics of the Heart

By Ben Neal

Think politics these days is getting too heated? Here’s how to step beyond what divides us so we can work with what unites us. That kind of climate change benefits everyone!

28. Lost and Found in Translation

By Rev. Ellen Debenport

Rev. Rocco Errico’s bailiwick is the Bible—but not the version most people commonly quote. He claims the Aramaic translation, written in the language of Jesus, parallels Unity teachings.

32. Unity Masters:
H. Emilie Cady (1848-1941)

By Rev. Thomas W. Shepherd, D.Min.

The author of Lessons in Truth was a teacher and a doctor before she penned the New Thought book that became one of the most popular books ever published by Unity.