September/October 2012

Table of Contents

10. Challenge Your Thoughts!

By Deborah Shouse

How to quell that pessimistic inner chatter and call forth words that support your well-being.

14. Are Dreams Telling You Something?

By Rebecca Johnson

Is a dream a direct transmission from your soul, or is it random thought generated by an active mind?

18. Butterworth on Butterworth

By Carol Martin and Eric Page

A newly discovered manuscript written by Unity minister Eric Butterworth indicates the celebrated author and inspirational speaker had plans to pen his autobiography.

21. Sinners or Saints?

By Peter Bolland

The centerpiece of the Christian narrative is the concept of human nature. Are we inherently flawed or imminently sacred?

24. Spirituality and Science

By Jim Gaither

Science affects how we think about God, and our faith influences how we think about science. Can the two come together?

28. A Different Kind of God

By Paula Coppel

Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin both embraced the concept of a higher being, an indescribable force behind all they discovered.

30. Excerpt: Any Road Will Get You There

By Tama Kieves

Start moving forward any which way—and you’ll have some information about your own right path.

44. Voices
Remembering Tommy

By Michael Sheets