September/October 2013

Table of Contents

12. Making Time for Creative

Self-Renewal By Deborah Shouse

Feeding your soul through pleasurable pursuits like scrapbooking, playing musical instruments, or taking a walk can help you recharge and recapture your sense of self.

15. Poem: Reduced to Joy

By Mark Nepo


16. Not Your Typical Art Class

By Jenny Hahn

In a process-painting workshop, participants face an empty canvas and begin a journey within.

20. Yoga and Writing

By Kim Cope Tait

Like yoga, writing is one of the ways we become still, listen to our knowing, explore what resides within.

24 Recognizing Attachments—and How to Let Go

By Paul John Roach

You may move through life comfortably attached to your human needs, desires and preferences without even realizing it. Why breaking free is liberating.

28. Facing an Unknown Future

By Arturo Mora

We all must reckon with life-changing forces outside our control, and the shock can be debilitating. But those who have been there say facing change creatively helps ease the pain and stress of a transition.

32. Can We Forgive This?

By Carla McClellan

When crimes result in loss of life, can the perpetrators truly be forgiven?