September/October 2015

Table of Contents

14. Transforming Trauma Into Triumph

By Stephanie Gunning

A publishing pro shares a profound method she discovered for using writing to evoke the core essence of what her soul most wants to call forward. In teaching this to others, she helps them embody a new future by reenvisioning their past.

18. Want to Eliminate Pain? Rewire Your Brain!

By David Hanscom, M.D.

A Seattle, Washington, spine surgeon shares his innovative, holistic mind-body program for liberating patients from chronic pain. Once they recognize the neural connection between anger and pain, he insists, they can learn to successfully reprogram their brains. So much for his scalpel!

22. Listening in With … Neale Donald Walsch
Talking About Transformation

By Katy Koontz

A best-selling author known for his discussions with the Divine reveals how, in the midst of all the world’s current chaos, we’re actually headed for a modern-day global Renaissance. What will spark this transformative shift? The freedom to question our beliefs about God.

26. Staying Awake!

By Rev. Paul John Roach

A Unity minister delivers a giant jolt of contemplative caffeine. The seven powerful practices he shares here are designed to help us stay conscious in a world that seems bent on lulling us to sleep. Cream and sugar, anyone?

30. Girth of a Nation

By Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

Think those love handles got there by eating too much and moving too little? Not necessarily. In this book excerpt, a famous mind-body doc explains why the biggest villain behind obesity may be the type of carbs we crave.

34. Sacred Journeys:
Take It to the Limit

By Annie L. Scholl

A not-so-quick trek up (and back down) the highest mountain in South Korea teaches this 50-something mom that while it’s always best to be prepared, sometimes Spirit has an ulterior motive for getting us in way over our heads.