September/October 2016

Table of Contents

14. Natural Resources

By Ben Neal

Nature mystics from many traditions have long felt a strong connection to the Divine through the natural world. Here’s how to cultivate just such a connection for yourself, including some helpful tips on designing a nature retreat of your own.

18. Integrating Indigenous Wisdom

By Cate Montana

What happens when a Jungian analyst studies shamanism? Carl Greer decided to find out, and in the process learned a whole new set of tools for helping his patients transform their lives, one mystical moment at a time.

22. Listening in With … Anita Moorjani
Love Yourself!

By Katy Koontz

A New York Times best-selling author takes beliefs most people never question and gives them a twist to reveal the bigger, deeper truths she learned during a near-death experience. Her insights can help us create heaven on earth—without having to nearly die first.

26. Sacred Journeys:
Discovery in Death Valley

By Carole Jacobs

When a desert hiker gets lost in more than her thoughts, danger descends with dusk. Spoiler alert: Her faithful dog Chloe successfully sniffs out the way back. But the real story is the powerful lesson about presence that emerges en route.

30. My Sleep Goodie Bag

By Arianna Huffington

Counting sheep is so yesterday. In this adaptation from her new best-selling book about the importance of sleep, the cofounder of The Huffington Post shares her favorite tips and techniques for assuring you get the best shut-eye ever.