September/October 2017

Table of Contents

12. Sage & Savvy Voices:
Understanding Consciousness

By Eben Alexander, M.D.

Is consciousness the product of the brain, or does it come from a nonphysical realm? A neurosurgeon’s near-death experience explores this fascinating question.

14. Kindly Curmudgeons

By Thomas Moore

A psychotherapist, best-selling author, and expert on spirituality (who is an elder himself) tackles a crusty issue about aging: learning how to see when there’s grace in grumpiness.

18. Longevity 2.0

By Noelle Nelson, Ph.D.

A psychologist explores how our attitude affects our physical health—including our experience of aging. She also shares some top tips for how Unity principles can help us stay focused on the positive.

22. Listening in With … Ram Dass:
Conscious Aging

By Katy Koontz

An iconic spiritual leader of the ’60s now focuses his teaching on how to age consciously. His body may have reached its mid- 80s, but his soul (as well as ours, he assures us), remains infinite.

26. Letting Go with Grace

By Barbara Bowen

A daughter caring for her mother who has dementia learns the importance of staying present to what is by releasing her attachment to what was—day after precious day.

28. Luminous Lyrics

By Rev. Paul John Roach

A Unity minister sees the light (and the Light)—in the soulful words of one of rock ᾽n᾽ roll legend George Harrison’s last songs. For him, those words were life-changing.

32. Groundhog Guru

By Donna Davies

When this woman asked for spiritual guidance from the animal kingdom, she didn’t expect that wisdom to come with a waddle. Receiving guidance from the Universe requires staying open to the source.