September/October 2018

Table of Contents

12. Sage & Savvy Voices:
Death is Just a Door

By John Holland

An expert in after-death communication explains how our loved ones who have transitioned communicate with us in many different and subtle ways—and they do it more often than we realize.

14. Lessons From Lilith

By Rev. Maggy Whitehouse

The first female—who refused to submit to male dominance—is hardly the demon legend makes her out to be. A minister and scholar of Kabbalah sets the record straight.

18. The Quest for Love

By Rev. Eric Butterworth

To understand love’s true meaning, we must first undefine it, says this iconic Unity minister and theologian. Our greatest need is not to be loved, he insists, but to love—or more accurately, to be love.

22. Listening in With … Iyanla Vanzant:
The Power of Perspective

By Katy Koontz

For people caught in negative thought patterns (that’s all of us, by the way), this spiritual life coach steeped in Unity teachings has just three words: Get over it! Here, she outlines how.

26. The Inaugural New Thought Walden Awards Honorees

By Katy Koontz

Meet this remarkable group of artists, healers, teachers, ministers, activists, and other spiritual visionaries transforming our world.

34. Entangled

By Donna Davies

We may think quantum reality is a relatively recent discovery, but scientists and artists alike—not to mention one very surprised 7-year-old girl—have been getting a glimpse for quite some time.