Abundant Living

Abundance is not a condition, but an attitude. Consider the often-asked question: “Is the glass half empty or half full?” How you answer can readily give you an idea of your prosperity consciousness.

In his book Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth explains, “The word prosperity comes from the Latin root which literally translates: ‘according to hope' or ‘to go forward hopefully.' Thus it is not so much a condition in life as it is an attitude toward life.”

Universal substance

On a spiritual level, abundance is universal, everywhere present—through nature, through the endless flow of creative ideas during moments of inspiration, in your relationships with God and with others and in your health and wholeness.

Do you believe that your life is abundant? You should because abundance surrounds you. Follow your inner urge to claim and experience all that life has to offer. Each day is an opportunity to move forward to become, experience and achieve more than ever. Your mind is fertile with divine, creative ideas. You are surrounded by infinite love and wisdom.

Now's the time to bring this prosperity consciousness into your day-to-day living. As you do, remember these timely suggestions by Eric Butterworth:

  • Make a commitment to get yourself and keep yourself in the positive stream of life.
  • Refuse to indulge in casual conversation about the bad economy, the high cost of living or about anything you really do not want to say “yes” to.
  • Eliminate such thoughts as “I can't,” “I'm afraid,” and “There is not enough” from your consciousness.
  • Talk only about the things you want to see live and grow.
  • Keep your thoughts centered in the ideas of abundance, sufficiency and well-being.
  • Occasionally give yourself a consciousness booster by affirming something like: God is my instant, constant and abundant source of supply.

Remember, you are one with God—the source of all that you will ever need.


God is my source, my all-sufficient supply. I have all I need to nourish, sustain and prosper me today and every day.