The Answer Will Come

By Mary L. Kupferle

The deep desire within your heart, dear friend, is now in the process of coming into expression. Although it is not yet visible or tangible in your life, you can help yourself find peace about it by saying quietly and with conviction: “It will come. It will come.”

Instead of dwelling on the appearances that seem to hinder and obstruct the fulfillment you desire, give your complete attention to the simple conviction, “It will come.” Turn your thoughts to these three little words each time any negative or limited feeling arises.

Healing will come. Supply will come. The solution and answer to every problem will come. Harmony and understanding will come. Guidance and light will come. Peace and release will come. Power and conviction will come. Faith and trust will come. Whatever you need or desire will come.

There is an appointed time when your desire and your faith meet within your heart in complete and perfect agreement to bring forth the vision of good you have dreamed of, yet wondered whether you were worthy enough, ready enough, faithful enough to receive.

You may want to have a heart-to-heart talk with yourself in order to define more clearly your goals and ambitions. You may find yourself asking, “Is this the best I can imagine?” or “Is this a true desire of my own, or is it another's?” You may want to pray more frequently in order to develop your convictions. You may want to listen more often to Spirit within you.

When healing or a blessing of any kind seems delayed in spite of your prayers and earnest seeking, you can be sure it is only a temporary delay. The experience is reminding you not to be discouraged or to lose faith, but to continue in greater-than-ever awareness that the answer will come.

We want to be sure that our part is being completely fulfilled. Jesus said, “My Father is still working, and I also am working” (In. 5: 17). Jesus knew that only as He did His part could God's part be fulfilled.

Some time ago a challenge kept recurring in my own personal life. I would give it the usual treatment of prayer as in other instances, but the difficulty persisted and returned. Finally, in desperation, I prayed as deeply, honestly, and earnestly as I could. Suddenly I heard myself saying over and over: “Dear God, show me what to do. Tell me what my part is, how I can succeed in this situation. I want to do my part. I am willing to do whatever You show me to do. I am ready and willing to do my part.

Almost immediately I knew what to do to help myself. It was nothing unusual. It was a more positive, faithful, persistent application of much that I already knew and had done, but there was a difference. I was now convinced of the direct necessity and powerful importance of my part. I was going to do, more powerfully and effectively and faithfully, what I knew was my part to do. I felt differently about the words of my prayers, and the results were instantaneous.

The best way I can explain this happening is that I seemed to touch a new depth within myself and to realize that success comes through a wonderful partnership-fellowship experience with God. The promise, “It will surely come” (Hab. 2:3), was fulfilled.

Every challenge, every delay, every hindrance and obstacle to the fulfillment of our desire is a reminder to us that there is something yet remaining for us to do. As partners with God, there is some detail of mind or heart yet calling for attention, prayer, or understanding. As we approach situations with fresh insight and renewed vigor, new worlds of success and accomplishment will be opened to us.

Take heart, dear friend. The answer will come!

Mary L. Kupferle was an ordained Unity minister. Since 1944, Mary L. Kupferle's articles have appeared in Unity Magazine®, Daily Word®, and other Unity publications. She has inspired millions of readers through her writings.