The Art of Knowing

By Rebecca Clark

Have you ever watched a child take its first wobbly, insecure steps? The little legs move forward, hesitantly at first, and the child sometimes tumbles to the floor. But he continues to put forth effort and his steps gradually become more firm and effective.

The quest of the Spirit is also a growing process. It is a training process. It requires steadfast effort and devotion. It requires action on your part. Start now to think of yourself as being everything you know you should be and want to be.

Think of yourself right now as being gentle, loving, and kind to every man, woman, and child you meet, and to every circumstance life may bring your way. Think of yourself as being kind and tolerant in your attitudes toward all conditions on earth. Think of yourself as being an island of calm serenity in all conditions and under all circumstances, quiet and yet strong—strong with the strength to reach out a loving hand to seemingly weaker brothers and sisters, strong with the strength to speak the right words, to take the right actions, and to become an unshakable tower of strength and light.

See yourself facing any seeming injustice or unkindness with a beautifully serene spirit. See yourself knowing that all things will work out in time for the ultimate good of everyone. Begin knowing that justice is always triumphant if you can be patient and follow the process of the outworking of the magnificent will of God.

If you can begin to see yourself accomplishing some of these things, and begin to know that you have everything within you necessary to accomplish these things, you are well on the way toward training the soul and knowing something of mastership.

If you will remain steadfast on the path to which your feet have been guided, you will find the treasure of life—a treasure that brings abundance of every good thing life can offer. You have only to seek in simple trust and sincerity, and you shall receive. You have no need that cannot be gloriously supplied.

From Breakthrough by Rebecca Clark, published by Unity Books. (No longer available.)