By Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel

Everything comes to us in Divine Order, and for our highest good, and is the best for all concerned. This means that what we might feel is a “burden,” a problem, a challenge or an issue, is part of the divine plan of our lives. We are being called to a higher consciousness to experience [each] situation from a different point of view and to bring into spiritual activity our divine capabilities and powers.

Following are four ways to create and maintain balance in our everyday lives.

Noticing when you are off-balance provides the opportunity to retune to your spiritual center. Without this awareness, you might spend the whole day grumbling and complaining, judging and reacting or worrying and fretting, and miss out on the richness of life. As soon as you notice that your ego, thoughts or emotional reactions have taken charge, choose to center within by bringing all of your attention into the center of your head, the center of your body, the center of your being. 

Judgments and defensive reactions keep us separate from our soul. They are a sign that our ego is in control. Practice viewing situations from a place of neutrality and non-resistance. Buddhist philosophy refers to this as equanimity; a nonreactive viewpoint where you see what is happening without getting caught in it. It's realizing that thoughts, emotions, situations and circumstances come and go, so there is no need to become attached or reactive. This state of being is calm and empowering. Reciting the mantra, “This too shall pass,” will help you to stay neutral.

Be Present in the Now
It's easy to get caught in rehashing the past or rehearsing the future and miss out on the fullness of this present moment. Practice being present with each activity, person, sensation and emotion that comes before you. Try an easy meditation technique such as focusing on your breath, your thoughts or some internal physical sensation for a few minutes as a way to connect to the power of the present moment.

When you are feeling full of love, you are spiritually balanced. Life becomes sweeter, lighter and more joyful. Love emanates from the spiritual center within each of us so it is easy to access. Simply focus on what you love about your family, friends, pets, the outdoors or the God of your heart to ignite this spark within you. Look for the love within others, behind their façade of control, seriousness or grumpiness, as a way to connect to the soul in each person you encounter.

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel recently retired as the minister at Unity of Berkeley in California. She is the host of The Oneness Program on Unity Online Radio. The following article was first published as a blog on the Unity of Berkeley website.