By James Dillet Freeman

We live in a world of light. We are ourselves light. ….

I have only to look … to taste … to feel, I have only to live—to know that the world is a work more wonderful than anything I can imagine it to be, anything I do imagine it to be! The wildest wonderment of all poets, dreamers, inventors, speculators that have ever lived is as nothing compared to the wonderment that is the world. The world is God’s wonderment, infinite intelligence compounding its infinity, the joy of eternity delighting in itself.

… For when I consider humanity, I catch a glimpse of God in whose image we are made.

Listen to life, and you shall hear the voice of life crying: Be!

What shall you be?

Be what you were made to be!

You were made to be joy. You were made to be a child of God. …. The impress of Spirit is on your every living cell.

For this alone, all things were made—to be! Life is not to be explained in terms of aims and ends and goals, but only in terms of living. Life has goals and a goal, but its meaning and worth do not depend on this fact. How shall we explain life in terms of ends? There is no end that is not a starting point.

… Today needs no reason for being. It is its own reason for being. Sufficient that it is today.

Life needs no reason for being. It is its own reason for being. Sufficient that it is life.

You need no reason for being. You are your own reason for being. Sufficient that you are you.

God loves you for what you are, not for what you have done or have not done. What are you? You are God’s child. That is your reason for being.

… Aim at the highest, though you may not hit it. If you never aim beyond your reach, you will not grow. To be is to grow, and to grow is to aim beyond your reach. Growth is aspiration, and aspiration is the impulse to be what you were born to be.

Life is made for the high aimers. It is they who make all growth possible.

O human, you are the spiritual seed of God! Grow as a tree grows, rising out of yourself as a tree rises out of itself.

A redwood seed is very small to grow into such a gigantic tree. You are more than a redwood tree. For it has height and breadth and depth, but you have other dimensions. You are mind. You are Spirit.

O human, you were made to be the perfect expression of God!

God said, “Be!”

James Dillet Freeman (1912-2003) was an internationally acclaimed poet, author, and lecturer. A Unity minister, he served as director of Unity's ministerial program, as well as director of Silent Unity. This article is included in his book Angels Sing in Me.