Being an Overcomer

By Rev. Dr. Paulette Hogan
Being an Overcomer

When I began my journey in search of Truth, I was told the purpose of my difficulties was for me to overcome them. They were detours in my spiritual growth. I understood this, and I agreed with it.

A day came in my life when I was faced with a monumental challenge involving my health. I had received a highly unfavorable diagnosis from my doctor. As I began to feel hopeless and call upon God for an answer, I remembered something I had read by a Unity writer. She said when she asked how to overcome anything, the answer she received was to “come up over” it.

She wrote, “A wonderful realization came to me. To come up over a problem means to come over to something else. It means to come over to the truth that, in the mind of God, there is only good.”

It was in that moment I knew God was committed to holding my hand as I made that leap up over the dark place of this disease back to the light of truth that it is God in whom I live and move and have my being.

I now refer to myself as an overcomer—not a survivor, an overcomer.

If we believe we are truly one with the spirit of God, we must believe that Spirit within us is ready always to be drawn into active service. However great the undertaking, you will be successful if you call forth the dynamic powers that are yours to command and make yourself an open channel for the expression of good.

When you keep your focus on the Christ Light and follow a divine path, all your mental, physical and spiritual efforts yield only good to you and to the world. It is important to acknowledge and cooperate with the wise, all-knowing mind of God in all you think, say and do.

It is up to us to stop placing limitations upon ourselves, to stop measuring ourselves by past abilities or experiences or by our family ancestors. Step out on the illumined path of Truth and prove what you are—what you can do and be—through Christ Consciousness.

Rev. Dr. Paulette Hogan is minister at Unity of Anchorage in Anchorage, Alaska. Her vision statement is to behold God’s unfoldment in herself and others through teaching and acceptance.