Bits and Pieces

By Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

Take one day at a time. How easy ... if only life and circumstances would cooperate! Yet life seldom presents us with perfect days, at least as we judge them. So what to do? The only logical choice is to look for the blessing in every event that impacts our lives, to see each situation as if it were a single piece in a huge patchwork quilt, and accept it as part of a larger design.

Seldom is our spiritual growth measured in leaps and bounds. It can happen that way, of course. A traumatic or major event can force us to make changes and grow faster than we would have preferred. When the event is finally resolved, the inner growth becomes apparent and we may feel better. But usually we grow in small increments a little bit here, another piece there. As the days, months, and years add up, we manage to amass quite a collection of seemingly unrelated scraps. Yet each scrap represents a lesson gained—a chance to grow and push at still another boundary that needed stretching.

The bits and pieces of our lives take on more meaning when we can begin seeing God in each situation, no matter what it is. First we do our best to deal with it, and then we simply trust the movement of Spirit. If a situation seems hard to understand and we're tempted to agonize over "why me?" it can help to think of a patchwork quilt. Each scrap of material by itself may be plain or unattractive or not to our taste. Yet, stitched together, a patchwork quilt is a work of art, far more beautiful than each piece alone.

The [year], just like the last one, will present us with circumstances and events, bits and pieces, we may not like. What matters most is what we do with them, how we see them as part of a larger design and integrate them into our lives—bit by bit, piece by piece, one day at a time.

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