A Child's Healing

A Child's Healing; child with apples

Jesus prayed for children, knowing that they hold a special place in the heart of God. He prayed for them with unshakable faith in God's power to bless and heal them. Jesus knew that God is always present in each child as pure life, health, strength and perfection. He proved again and again that a loving heart and a mind filled with faith can call forth this indwelling spirit of life.

From the time that Jesus healed little children to the present time, the healing power of God has not changed. As you pray for a child, keep your thoughts calm and your faith strong. See life—a steady stream of life—flowing unhindered through every cell. Resolutely look away from appearances and see the child or the children you would bless upheld, enfolded and surrounded by the love of God and strengthened by the life of God. See all the functions of mind and body working in health-creating harmony.

Let this be your thought and your prayer: You are made in the image and likeness of God. You are established in health and perfection.

Children, with their simple faith and innate eagerness to express life, respond readily to positive thoughts and words of life and health. They respond to love and faith-filled prayer just as surely as a plant responds to the warmth of sunshine.

Releasing your concerns to God in prayer will bless and uplift you. The child you are praying for will innately sense your faith and peace of mind, which will strengthen his or her faith and peace of mind and quicken the healing process. Once you have turned your concerns over to God in prayer, you are completely free to open your heart to the child seeking your love and reassurance.

Remember that nothing is too much to ask of God and nothing is too slight for the power of God to harmonize, heal or adjust. As you pray, you are a channel for God's healing power. You are calling God's spirit of perfect life into activity.