A Covenant With the Life Force

Unity has a long history of holistic thinking about health. The following covenant is adapted from the 1983 Unity book Nourishing the Life Force by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla. You can enter into this life-changing agreement by downloading, printing and signing the statement.

Father-Mother God, Creator of the universe, Lord of my being, I acknowledge Your power as the source of my life, Your intelligence as the director of my cells, Your substance as the fiber of my tissues. I give thanks for Your life force within me, and I apologize for the past mistreatment of Your holy temple. I know now that I must work with Your life force if I am to fully express my potential for perfection.

Therefore, on this _____ day of _____, 20__, I do earnestly and joyfully make this covenant with the life force manifesting in my cells.

I promise to appropriate into my mind only thoughts of health and wholeness, envisioning my cells as the perfection they were created to be—worthy of my most noble attitudes and aspirations.

I promise to appropriate into my body only foods of health and wholeness, knowing that God resides in the foods He created and knowing, too, that what I eat today I become tomorrow. I promise to appropriate into my lifestyle only actions of health and wholeness. To this extent I will seek abundant fresh air and adequate rest; and I will engage in regular constructive exercise, knowing that as I move a muscle, I improve that muscle, and that what is constantly improved cannot perish.

I enter into this covenant in the full realization that God's laws are inviolable. I have unshakable faith that as long as I honor my commitments to perfection, the universe will follow inexorably its law of cause and effect and will reward me with the unlimited health and wholeness I so fervently seek and desire.