Create a Sacred Workplace

By Sonia Choquette

Have you ever entered a business and immediately reacted to the vibes, especially negative ones? I know I have. There was once a restaurant on Halsted Street in Chicago that had such notoriously bad vibes that no matter who owned it or how aggressively they redecorated or revamped the place, the funky vibes still remained. In spite of eight or nine efforts to reinvent the place, it always failed. It was dark, dreary, and depressing, and the people who worked there were, too. The restaurant was eventually closed for good; a few years later, it was torn down and a bank was put in its place. The bad vibes won, and only destroying it and starting over worked—such is the power of the vibes in the workplace.

Whether you’re an employee, are self-employed, or an employer, step back and objectively assess the energetic tone of your workplace. (Also do this if you’re interviewing for a job there.) Ask yourself if it inspired you. Does the energy feel positive, cheerful, uplifting, and pleasant—or is it sterile, dreary or scary? Studies show that the better the energy and ambiance, the more happy, motivated, and productive the workers will be.

If you’re the boss and have a say about the environment, don’t be cheap, because it can cost you dollars in the long run. If you’re an employee and aren’t sure you have a say, ask. And if you’re interviewing for a job and don’t like what you’re feeling, leave.

If you do find the vibes at work a downer, it isn’t the end of the road. You can improve the energy right away by taking a few simple steps. Hang up an interesting photo or piece of art to brighten the room, place fresh flowers on your desk, or display things that speak to your heart and bring you good cheer—doing these small things creates big changes in the energy you work in all day. The better the vibe, the better you’ll feel and perform.

If you aren’t free to create this kind of atmosphere in the open work area, you can still create your own private area of good vibes. Whatever floats your boat, as my teenagers like to say. Name it and bring it—and it’s positive energy—to work.

10 Ways to Create a Sacred Atmosphere at Work

  • Add an aquarium.
  • Hang mirrors for better light.
  • Use a fountain.
  • Post positive sayings in the lunchroom.
  • Supply natural springwater.
  • Employ aromatherapy.
  • Keep a clean and bright restroom.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the rest of the office.
  • Use soothing ambient light. Have ionizers circulate fresh air.

Used with permission of the author.

Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned vibrational alchemist and intuitive consultant. She is recognized for her ability to instantly change vibration, lift depression and connect others to their intuition. She has been a personal intuitive advisor to New Age leaders Louise Hay, Julia Cameron, Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer. Her books, including the New York Times best-seller The Answer Is Simple ... Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit!, have sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.