Diversity Creates Balance

By Duke Tufty
Diversity Creates Balance

The nature of God's great creation is one of diversity. Wonderful and mystical variances are found throughout the universe that make for a perfect balance in nature.

I believe homosexuality is a genetic disposition and a perfectly natural expression for a certain percentage of human beings. Homosexuals, as well as heterosexuals, are the way God created them and every person regardless of race, nationality, sexuality or appearance greatly embellishes the beautiful diversity of this world.

Every person's God-given right is to live the life they desire to live, as long as they don't violate the God-given rights of another to do the same or the laws of the society in which they live.

To view homosexuality as wrong and denounce it is one's personal right but to impose that viewpoint on others and "fight" for measures that would deprive people certain rights because of the nature of their sexuality just doesn't seem fair. This is my personal opinion. There are others who disagree vehemently and have even picketed my church with the most vile, hateful and hurtful signs imaginable.

The first principle of most religions is to do to others what we would want done to ourselves. It doesn't say "some others" or "all others except homosexuals"; its intent is "all others."

God's Great Garden of Humanity
Imagine for a moment that you have a garden with a wide variety of wonderful, beautiful and colorful roses. Each one offers a unique and individual beauty that greatly benefits the one who gazes upon them. Then one day, a dictate comes down from some religious order stating that red is the only natural color for a rose and therefore every rose of a different color should be plucked up and cast into the fire. Would you say the declaration that red be the only color for a rose should be a religious issue?

In God's great garden of humanity there are a wide variety of wonderful, beautiful and colorful people. Each person offers a unique and individual beauty to the world. When attuned to his or her heart, each greatly benefits the world, whether that person is black, white, Asian, Native American or Hispanic; of any particular religion, agnostic or atheist; man or woman; heterosexual or homosexual. Who has the right to self-appoint themselves as judge of the flowers in the garden?

I just don't understand how anybody with a clear mind and compassionate heart can state that one's sexuality is basis for condemnation, discrimination or prejudice. Even more mind-boggling is how any religious institution can be so insolent and ignorant to condemn a child of God in the name of God.

Rev. Duke Tufty is the senior minister at Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.