The Energy of Time

By Carla McClellan
The Energy of Time

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is to say ‘I don’t want to.’”—Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher and author of the Tao De Ching

In saying time is a created thing, Lao Tzu is referring to metaphysical reality—a state of being where there is no time. Everything is unlimited and possible. Metaphysical reality is about dreams, visions, intentions, and goals. But for these to happen, we must ground them in our physical reality or else we are “metafizzling,” as the great psychologist and coach Maria Nemeth says. This means using the energy of time to manifest our dreams.

Time was created by humankind as a way to observe and measure energy in the physical world. We all have the same amount to use each day: 1,440 minutes. We choose how to use the potential energy of that time. We can invest it in meaningful activities, or we can waste it by not being conscious of how we are using it.

Frustration, exhaustion, and resignation are signals that you are not using your time meaningfully. Using the minutes of your day wisely allows you to experience satisfaction and fulfillment. Start by becoming clear about your dreams. Then focus the energy of time on doing what you say you are going to do with clarity and ease.

Use these tips to guide your time investments:

• Write down your intentions on a card and keep it handy. Seeing intentions brings clarity and direction.

• Decide how much time you are willing to invest each day to bring these intentions to life.

• Engage others in supporting you in bringing your dreams into reality.

• Most important, look for ways to make your actions simple and fun!

Step by step the dreams and intentions you set become true, and joy becomes your natural state of being. Observe how you are using your time—and the way you talk about time—and you’ll find a way back to your passion and purpose.

Carla McClellan is an ACC-certified life coach whose focus is awakening others to the preciousness of life. She is also the retreats manager at Unity Village and director of the Unity Life Coaching Center. Learn more.