Finding Right Employment

Finding Right Employment

Excerpted from a Silent Unity pamphlet.

This is a good world, created by a loving, generous God, and there is plenty for all—including a right and perfect place for everyone. As children of a loving God, we all have an equal right to the good things of life, including work that we enjoy doing and supply for every need.

Earning a living—no matter what the job is—can be drudgery for those who think of work only as the means through which they can acquire the necessities of life. Those who see no reason to direct their energies toward a specific endeavor often find life boring. But there are those who find joy in whatever is theirs to do. No task is too great or too insignificant for them. They approach their work with great enthusiasm and the anticipation of accomplishing something worthwhile.

Every person comes into the world with the potential for happy, successful, prosperous living and the talents and abilities that make productive living possible. If we are to realize our full potential, we need to use our talents and abilities. The Bible story concerning the man who gave some talents to his three servants demonstrates this idea. The servant who saved his talent—buried it—gained nothing and lost the original talent, for it was taken from him. However, the two servants who used their talents enjoyed the benefit of the resulting increase.

It is in keeping with the law of life that we give something for what we receive. When we give ourselves to our work, we are blessed and enriched immeasurably.

When you need employment, pray for wisdom to find the work in which you can give of yourself in a constructive way. If you are employed but want to make a change, pray for guidance to the work that will challenge and satisfy you. Challenge may be your impetus to try a little harder, to put forth the extra effort to satisfy your need to be creative and productive.

Prayer opens the way for you to find right employment and reveals to you how you can use your talents and abilities. Prayer heightens your desire to fulfill the requirements of your work and gives you faith to know that full compensation will be yours.

Contributing something to the world brings great joy and satisfaction. People who give of themselves and seek always to do their best do not need to be concerned about the return. Giving sets into motion the law of return, and nothing can keep this law from running its full cycle.

As you pray for the right place of employment for yourself or another, think of God's law of giving. Remember the promise: “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back” (Lk. 6:38).