The Foundation of All Spiritual Healing

By Robert Brumet
The Foundation of All Spiritual Healing

There is only one Presence, one power, one Reality. We call that Reality God. God is the one and only Reality; there is no other. God is the ground of all being, the foundation of existence itself.

We are each an expression of the One Reality. We are each an expression of God. This is our true nature, which is wholeness itself. We are intrinsically spiritual beings, and as spiritual beings, we cannot be sick, poor, or unhappy, because we are wholeness itself.

As human beings, we can be sick, poor, and unhappy and many of us are. This is the paradox with which we live: Our potential is great and so is our suffering. Our divinity gets lost in the guise of our humanity. Humanity is the vehicle through which we are expressing our true nature. We are spiritual beings having human experiences. But most humans believe the converse to be true. Most people believe that they are innately human, and then strive to become "more spiritual." Thus, we have turned reality upside down. Actually, we cannot become more spiritual, because our true nature is Spirit.

A Chinese proverb says, "The snow goose need do nothing to make itself white.” We need to do nothing to become more spiritual.

Human suffering is the result of this reversed understanding of reality. Our experience of suffering is caused by our misplaced identity. Yes, we are human beings but, first and foremost, we are spiritual beings. Spiritual healing is full realization of this Truth.

Once upon a time the young son of a king was kidnapped by a roving band of barbarians. The boy was raised by this tribe and grew to manhood, forgetting about his nobility. Then a famine fell upon the land and most of the tribe died of starvation.

As the young man lay alone, weakened by hunger, he had a memory of his childhood. He saw himself as a small child sitting in his father’s arms. They sat at a table lavishly covered with every variety of delicious food. This vision gave him strength to find his way back to the castle.

And with every ounce of strength within him, he cried: “Open the door—I am the son of the king. My father awaits me.” The astonished guards carried the young man to his father, who once again held his son in his arms.

The Cause of Suffering

Human suffering is the result of believing something to be real that isn’t. We have embraced the unreal as real, and as a result, we experience suffering. We embrace facts as reality, and they are not. We embrace appearances as reality, and they are not. Facts change and appearances change. Reality does not.

We each embrace many illusions, for we are educated in unreality from the moment of birth. …

We may believe that we are unlovable or unworthy or inadequate. We may believe that others are untrustworthy, unlovable, or even dangerous. We may fail to recognize that these beliefs are the product of our personal conditioning and of a culture which tends to perpetuate these beliefs. When we take these illusions to be real, we may experience a great deal of suffering.

Spiritual healing lies in knowing who and what we really are. Intellectual knowing is a start, but it is far from sufficient. Most of our illusions are embedded deep in the subconscious. For healing to occur, the knowing must go as deep as the illusion. Much of the spiritual healing process involves uncovering and healing these illusions buried deep within the mind.

Spiritual healing is replacing error with Truth in our consciousness. It is becoming free from the limiting illusions that we have unwittingly embraced. “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (Jn. 8:32).  Indeed, all healing is a realization of Truth. By this realization we are deeply changed in body, heart, and mind. Spiritual healing is the death of an old and limited way of life and is the resurrection of a new and expanded way of being.

Suffering is the symptom. Believing an illusion to be a reality is the cause of suffering. Realizing the Truth is the remedy. Our primary illusion is a deep-seated perception of separation from our Source, our true nature which we call God. Conversely, the primary Truth, the foundation of all healing, is the realization of our innate oneness with God, our source and our true nature. Suffering and separation are essentially synonymous. If you have one, then you have the other. They are as two sides of the same coin. Suffering is the tangible side of separation. ...

Robert Brumet is an ordained Unity minister and an instructor at Unity Institute and Seminary at Unity Village, Missouri. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Toledo. This excerpt is from his book, The Quest for Wholeness.