Go After What You Want

By Stephanie Pifer-Stone
Go After What You Want

I came home from a shopping excursion the other day to find a wild bird, which appeared to be a Grackle, flying around the inside of my house. She slammed into every window she could find in an attempt to escape. After several attempts to steer toward an open window, she finally flew out. I remember thinking that there were no obvious ways a bird could have gotten into our house, but weird things happen from time to time. I gave a sigh of relief and chalked it up as a sign of something to figure out later.

Then another bird flew in ... and another. By the time my husband Rick got home, five frantic birds had been in the house. I had managed to get them all out alive and unharmed. As you might imagine, I was truly freaked. Was there a bird clown car somewhere in my house? Every time I got one out of the house, another one came to take its place.

Rick and I started investigating where they might be coming from. We knew there was a nest in the eaves. Rick had wanted to get rid of it until we heard baby birds chirping. We decided to wait until they were grown and gone.  

We watched to see where the birds were entering the house and decided the laundry room must have an opening. All the while, we kept hearing a baby bird chirping. At first, we reasoned the sound came from the nest outside, but finally, we deduced the baby was trapped in our furnace flue.

Then it hit me: The multitude of birds flying through our house was merely one determined mother bird, trying to rescue her chick. In spite of humans, dogs and multiple slams against glass windows, she kept coming back (about 12 times at final count) to find her young one.

Now I know some of you will say it was a matter of instinct, but to me, it was a matter of love. It took a lot of devotion for the bird to continue to put herself in harm’s way on a mission to save her offspring.

We were able to rescue the chirping baby and put him in a safe  place in the front yard, near the nest. I watched from the front door, wondering if mom would find him. Then I heard the sounds. The baby cried out, and there was a faint cry from the trees. Before too long, I saw Momma Bird fly to him with something in her mouth and feed him. It was like a scene from a Disney movie. Later that evening, they were gone and (I hope) safe in a new home.

The incident made me stop to think. How often do we pursue the things we love with such determination and persistence? If you have an idea or a dream you love with all your heart, do you let other people or circumstances discourage you from pursuing it? I say be like Momma Bird and keep trying, even if you slam into a glass window (or ceiling) multiple times. As long as you are alive, there is still hope you will achieve it!

Do you have a passion or a vision of your life’s purpose? If you are given a desire of the heart, who are you to return it to the Universe unopened? It may take a few attempts to achieve success. Not every successful person got it right the first time. You must persist and insist in order to succeed. There is no shame in failure, only in not trying.

It took us several hours and a lot of brainstorming to finally fix our bird dilemma. What if we hadn’t taken the time to find what truly was the problem? We trusted our intuition and stayed with the process. Otherwise, the outcome would have been a sad matter for mother and baby bird. As it was, we kept trying and finally succeeded in making everyone safe, and, as a bonus, we felt pretty good about helping our fellow creatures.

Someone once said, “The greatest oak was once a little nut that held its ground.” Trust your inner voice and your heart. They will show you the path to success. Follow your dreams with perseverance and be open to any guidance that comes your way.

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, said, “For every failure, there's an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.”

Have faith in yourself and your Higher Power! One day, you will look up and there you will be … living your dream!

Stephanie Pifer-Stone is co-facilitator for prosperity classes taught at Center for Spiritual Living in Kansas City, Missouri, and considers herself a student of the world religions. She is writing her first book about reinventing self and actively blogs at http://lifespiral.info.