God Is Enough

By Jim Rosemergy
Unity Tower - God Is Enough

God is enough is one of my favorite affirmations. There is nothing wrong with having friends to support you, but one of the joys of life is discovering the inner God-given resources necessary for radiant living. At times, we lean too heavily upon other people as our deliverer. This is a time to declare God is enough.

I can assure you that there is great comfort in these three words. There is a purity that I love. They remind me to look within myself for the resources necessary to live my life. There are few things more important than finding these “natural” resources.

I wonder, at times, if the eternal quest myths that form part of many cultures are not a call to discover ourselves and the treasure that is within us. A hero may travel to distant places and face many challenges. A treasure can be won, but it is the adventure itself that is of greatest value because it has uncovered him; it has helped him discover his inner resources.

The mythical heroes were on a holy quest and so are we. In fact, all of life is such a journey, but for most of us it looks ordinary. We call it forgiveness or finding a job or getting up again after we have fallen. Properly viewed, these life circumstances reach into our minds and hearts and demand that we stand on our own feet and live our lives as if God is enough.

Excerpt from The Gathering: A 40-Day Guide to the Power of Group and Personal Prayer.



Jim Rosemergy is an ordained Unity minister whose focus is spiritual awakening. He’s a regular columnist for Unity Magazine® and the author of 13 books, including Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay, A Closer Walk With God and Attaining the Unattainable: The Will of God. He is currently senior minister at Unity of Fort Myers, Florida.