God Goes to Work

By Lysa Allman-Baldwin

Spirituality and business may be more connected than you think. In his book God Goes to Work: New Thought Paths to Prosperity and Profits, author Tom Zender explains how spirituality lies at the core of most profitable businesses.

Zender, former chief executive officer and president of Unity World Headquarters and board member for the Association for Global New Thought, calls for understanding the relationship between spirituality and business to raise corporate consciousness for business integrity, conscious commerce and economic peace.
Tapping Into Spirit at Work
When he was a corporate executive at General Electric, Honeywell and ITT Technical Institute, Zender says he always felt something was missing: “It became clear to me that what was missing was my understanding that the world's most important business asset is already within me, and it always has been. It is spirituality.”

Connecting with, releasing, and nurturing spirituality at work, not just at home or church, makes us a better boss, employee, vendor, customer, and so on, says Zender. “In the same way that we have profit and loss statements showing business assets and liabilities, we also have spiritual assets and liabilities. Therefore, we have an opportunity to review our ‘spiritual balance sheet' at all times. We don't have to say a word about it if it's in our being. It will come out exponentially as we grow in the consciousness of our work.”

One way to draw upon our spiritual foundation at work is to say an affirmative prayer—trusting in a positive outcome—right before making a phone call, sending an email, or going into a meeting. Doing so, Zender says, makes us kinder and more compassionate—whether with a co-worker or competitor—throughout the interaction.

“Nobody said there had to be a separation of ‘spirituality and state' at work,” he says. “You can even incorporate meditation during your work day. It is normal to do that at Unity, but a lot of other places are starting to include meditation opportunities as well because they recognize its value for their employees.”

Fostering a Spiritual “Revolution”
Zender says that once he tapped into his spiritual potential, a positive revolution took place in his business life. His goal is to show others how to do the same.

“You can join the revolution because the tools successful business people are utilizing are found inside each and every one of us,” he says. “When spirituality rules the work place—whether you have a job, are volunteering, going to school, or retired and taking care of your home or friends—everyone is a winner. God Goes to Work aims to help you meet your own greatest potential first, and then take that released potential into your work and your organization.”

Zender has also written two other spirituality- and business-related books. God at Work: 365 Daily Meditations for People at Work  offers 365 brief daily spiritual and inspirational messages for working people of all faiths. God Gets a Job: A Spiritual Guide for Job Seekers and Job Keepers, founded upon the story of creation and its seven stages of unfolding, offers proven, practical and effective universal spiritual principles, practices, and prayers aimed at people searching for a job, securing a different job, or keeping an existing job.

“Carrying spiritual awareness gives you the opportunity to use it as you go,” explains Zender. “Honesty, courage, integrity, trust, etc. are spiritual principles, so in a truly creative collaboration, work is pleasurable, spiritual, and the only rules and procedures are those that advance the common cause.”