God Has a Plan Just for You—Part 1

By Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

Excerpted from The Quest

Many years ago when we began studying spiritual teachings, we discovered that God always has the perfect answer for every situation and should therefore be trusted to reveal the right plan for our lives. 

In light of the fact that God is the essence of good and therefore wants good for all of Its creations, it seemed very logical for us to trust that there is a divine order. When we considered that God can totally be relied upon to bring spring each year and to turn the tides each day and to hold the planets in their orbits and constellations in their patterns, it became quite obvious to us that this Creator knows what It's doing.

"Yes, clearly," we decided, "God can be trusted to bring about the best for all creation.” We were convinced. Or were we?

Truth Went Out the Window

It wasn't long before a crisis appeared in our lives. What did we do? We reacted to it the old way-with fear, worry, and a good amount of anxiety. After expending a lot of human energy on those negative emotions, which no doubt impeded the natural process of resolving the situation, everything eventually worked out extremely well. Finding our lives back on an even keel again, we resumed our truth studies and admonished ourselves that we really should have trusted God.

Not long after that incident, we found ourselves in the midst of what we thought was another "glitch" in life. What did we do? Why, just as before, we simply forgot all ideas about trusting God and lapsed into the familiar pattern of worry, anxiety, and fear. Once again the natural plan of events took hold and things worked out better than we could have imagined. When the dust settled, we picked up our teachings where we'd left off and went back to trusting God!

Over the course of several years, we again faced situations in our life which had the appearance of being "worthy" of our worry and fear. Each time one of these situations passed, we would berate ourselves for not having trusted God more and vowed that we would never again fall into the old negative reactions. "Next time, for sure, we'll trust."

Gradually, we did. Each new troublesome situation was less anxiety-provoking to us than the previous one. We were able to go for longer and longer periods of holding to our trust in God's creative process before giving way to doubt and worry about the outcome. "There! That proves it. We will never, ever doubt again," we would announce to each other after a perfectly beautiful resolution would occur.

Little by little, we are getting the message—really getting the message, deep in our hearts and minds and are now much more willing to trust God completely to bring about the perfect solution for all concerned.

We can't say it came easily or that it is easy to sustain. It took years of practice, although why that had to be so is a mystery. One would think that such a basic truth would have been the easiest thing in the world to practice. It wasn't easy for us. Hopefully, for you it is or soon will be.

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