God's Law of Justice Cannot Fail

By Martha Smock
God's Law of Justice Cannot Fail

Does life seem unfair to you? Does it seem that others find it easier to have the things they want and need, that others are blessed with good dispositions, with good looks, with splendid abilities? If you entertain any such thoughts, you need to reestablish yourself in the consciousness of justice. First of all, in thinking such thoughts you are not being just to yourself.

To establish yourself in a thought of justice, think about ideas such as the following:

No one can take my place.
No one can take advantage of me.
No one can withhold my good from me.
I believe in justice.
I expect and receive just and fair treatment.
I meet life with confidence; confidence in God, confidence in myself, confidence in other persons.

It is important to your peace of mind and wellbeing that you meet life confidently, that you look at people without suspicion or mistrust, that you have faith in the goodness and richness at the heart of things.

Think about God as a just and loving Father. Think about yourself as His own child, needed and wanted in His world. When you believe firmly in the goodness of God and in the goodness of His will for you, you are greater than any thought of injustice. You can look at every situation that seems unfair or unjust with understanding and with peace of mind. You know that nothing can keep your good from you, you know that nothing can interfere with the working of God's divine law. You meet all experiences of your life with serenity and faith, for you know that God's law of justice cannot fail.


Taken from Listen, Beloved... by Martha Smock. Martha (1913–1984) served as editor of Unity's Daily Word magazine for 35 years.