A Grateful Heart Opens Many Doors—Part 2

By Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

Excerpted from The Quest

People, Plants, and Animals Respond

We have seen how sincerely expressing thanksgiving, as Jesus did at the tomb of Lazarus, unlocks the doors to seemingly impossible over-comings.  Whether dealing with people, animals, or plants, when someone or something is appreciated and praised, the best is brought forth.

Words and feelings of thankfulness and praise cause people, adults and children alike, to reach higher and to express more of their true Christ natures. Praising animals and showing thanks by rewarding them with treats and loving pats reinforce their good behavior and encourage them to do even more. Plants, too respond to loving words of praise and thanksgiving by growing stronger and more rapidly.

All forms of life really love to hear the truth about themselves, which is that they are radiant expressions of the eternal God. Even the cells of our bodies respond and regenerate when they are told that they are appreciated and loved. “Thank you for bringing me health and strength. Thank you for your intelligence which knows what to what to do and how to do it. I love you and I bless you as you radiate new life throughout my body.”

Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, regained her health through this method. Told that she had a terminal condition, she began blessing and thanking each organ of her body, praising the intelligence within it, and encouraging it to come forth into new life. Try thanking your cells regularly and see how eagerly they respond with increased health.

You know from your own experience how well you respond to appreciative words and feelings from anyone. We all want to be appreciated. What's more, we all deserve it because we all are special creations of God, all part of the Divinity. It comes back to the idea of seeing the Christ within ourselves and others and being grateful for that Presence.

Thankfulness Multiplies Your Good

Most of all, we should express our thankfulness to God, because it helps us to recognize and accept more of the God activity in our lives.

Do you want to know God more and to allow the perfect plan for your life to present itself to you? Then praise and thank God now. Do you want more wholeness in your physical body? Then praise the evidence of life and health which you already have. for the divine intelligence within your cells will be encouraged to create even greater wholeness and well-being. Do you want more prosperity? Bless and give thanks for whatever resources you do have, and they will multiply in new and creative ways.

Giving Thanks on the High Road

You are traveling higher and higher in your journey now, lightening your load of old, stale, and outdated attitudes and behavior. The demons and dragons which inhabited the forests at the beginning of the trail are not real threats to you anymore. While now and then the dim echo of a fearsome cry may ring out across the valley of your soul some starless night, it is only an echo after all and you rise up with an overwhelming sense of joy and thanksgiving. Life is good. God is good. Give thanks that the best is yet to be.

The Quest In every human heart there exists the hope of connecting with "something more." Tucked away deep within us, a part of us has always sought—yearned for—that connection.

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