Great Expectations = Great Success

By Judy Zerafa
Great Expectations = Great Success

Since its opening 30 years ago, the XYZ Cleaning Company (not its real name, but the company is real) had shown a profit every quarter until the first quarter of 2009. When the CEO realized he was going to have to tell his 30 managers they would not be getting their routine bonuses, he called me and asked if I would give [them] a pep talk.

I arrived early enough to be able to hear the CFO give the financial report. I understood why the CEO felt his employees needed some good news. As I … stepped to the podium, I asked the attendees how many of them had been following the financial news over the past 18 months, and … had expected their company to experience a profit loss. One by one, every person in the room raised his/her hand, including the CEO. I … then asked, "If you expected a profit loss, why did you act surprised when you were given the financial report a few minutes ago? ... You all acted surprised."

I told the group I thought they were blessed to have had this experience because I knew if they listened to what I planned to share with them, they would never have to feel this way again.

"What we expect in our lives is almost always what we get. You all expected to see a loss in profits, and that was exactly what you experienced. The good news is that you can change your expectations."

So much has been written over the past few years about the Law of Attraction. There are many who believe what we "send out" is what we receive. Others are skeptical and lean more toward the idea of luck. Those who are lucky get the breaks; those who are unlucky get the challenges of life.

The universe has immutable laws. One in which we all believe is the law of gravity. I believe the law of attraction is another. It doesn't matter whether you believe in these laws or not. They are precise and always at work.

… The confusion about the law of attraction is that some of us don't understand what it is that is sent out and then returned in kind. "It" is energy. We create physical energy through our emotions. Every emotion we experience creates a specific vibration … on a scale or, perhaps more easily visualized, a ladder.

At the top of that ladder are feelings of joy, love and gratitude. You already know how much energy you feel when you are experiencing these emotions. The bottom of the ladder represents the emotions of hopelessness, helplessness and depression. … When you are experiencing any of these emotions, you are feeling very little, if any, energy.

The vibrational energy of positive emotions is high. The vibrational energy of negative emotions is low. Without exception, the law of attraction will always return to you whatever is an identical match to the vibration you are transmitting. In other words, when the managers of the XYZ Cleaning Company began reading the news about the current economy … they started experiencing pessimism and discouragement.

The more they listened to the news and economic analysts, the more they talked … about how bad things were getting and the further down the ladder of emotions they traveled. By the time I met with them … most were at the bottom of the ladder feeling hopeless /helpless/depressed.

There are probably many who would argue that in business, it is the overall economy that dictates what is going to happen. I disagree! I think looking at business in that way is just another form of victimhood.

But think about it.

What have you expected from your family, your friends, your relationship with God, your business? If you are getting what you expect, but not liking what you are getting, you simply need to change your expectations. Changing your expectations is a simple thing to do. It is not necessarily easy; but you can do it. All expectations are created by thought. To change your expectations, change your thoughts.

If you want your business to succeed, you must expect that it will. Think that it will be successful. Talk about your business successes (with gratitude!). Visualize the success of your business. Thinking success, talking success and visualizing success creates powerful emotional energy that activates the law of attraction, delivering what you have called forth. Great Expectations = Great Success. Practice expecting what you want ... and you will like what you get.

Judy Zerafa is the creator of the Seven Keys to Success Life Program™. The following excerpt is from Good Business: Putting Spiritual Principles Into Practice at Work.