Healing at Depth

By Rev. Robin Reiter
Healing at Depth by Robin Reiter

There are many ways to think about the idea of “Getting Healthy.” It can mean releasing physical illness from our body, changing negative habits and patterns, or becoming stronger and more physically fit. My experience is, however, that until we do the deeper work of healing the core wounds and limiting beliefs that cloud our everyday reality, we will never truly be healthy.

To understand the importance of emotional healing, we must first have a clear understanding of who we are and how we are designed. We are threefold beings, made of Spirit, soul and body. These terms are used in many ways in different teachings and traditions, and I personally struggled to understand this threefold nature of being until I finally heard it explained in a way that made my heart say “YES!”

Imagine, if you will, a lighthouse. A beautiful structure designed to light the way and welcome ships into its harbor. The lighthouse has an actual physical structure, a building that helps the light do its work. Within that structure is the light. The light is pure, brilliant and perfect and knows only and always to shine in all directions. Around the outside of that light there is glass, and the light must shine through that glass. Over time, the glass can get dirty, smeared, smudged and even scratched. Soot and sea spray collect on the glass and maybe passers-by might write messages in the soot and dirt. As the glass gets darker and dingier, less of the light can be seen by the world. The light is no less brilliant or perfect, it is simply limited by the clarity of the glass.

We each have a physical body, like the structure of the lighthouse. Our body is the vehicle that enables the perfection that we are to express in the world as it is meant to do. We have within us a pure, perfect and brilliant light, which is our Spirit. In Unity we call this light the Christ, or the spark of divinity. The light that is our essence is unchanging and knows only and always to shine in all directions. We also have a soul, which is the sum total of our memories, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. The soul is like the glass around the light. As we go through life, we experience hurtful things that make the “glass” dingier and darker. People write messages in our glass like “Not Worthy” and as the light shines out through that belief, it projects unworthiness.

So here we are conscious and aware on the spiritual path and we have discovered that our “glass” is smudged and dirty with limiting ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world. What to do? Well, Spiritual Windex of course! What is Spiritual Windex?

It is any conscious act or practice that is meant to bring us back to the Truth of who we are. Each time we come apart for a while to pray and meditate, the glass gets cleaner. Taking spiritual education classes, attending transformative retreats, forming a supportive prayer group, working with a therapist or spiritual counselor, reading an inspirational book, practicing self-care, being in service to another human being, and joining a spiritual community are all ways to heal the hurts of the past and clear the way for the incredible pure light of our being to shine forth brilliantly and unhindered. Today, and every day, use a little Spiritual Windex on your soul. The world needs your light! Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine!

Rev. Robin Reiter is an inspirational speaker and a catalyst for personal transformation. She is the founder of Sacred Abundance Ministries and has dedicated her life to helping all people realize heaven on earth.

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