The Healing Stream, Part 2

By Eric Butterworth
The Healing Stream, Part 2; waterfall

Excerpted from In the Flow of Life.

Let’s take a look at this healing stream, this universal flow of wholeness. In the previous chapter, we referred to Jesus’ command to “consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.” Certainly a flower beautifully demonstrates the unobstructed flow of the universe. And in the same sense, though we may not at all be conscious of it, each of us is a flowering of the universal creative process. Each of us is a flow of wholeness. Each of us is whole wherever we are, and whatever may be the conditions of mind or body, because of what Teilhard de Chardin calls “the unimpeachable wholeness of the universe.”

You are a child of the universe. You do not walk your path of life alone. The whole universe walks with you. It is dynamically involved in you. Its dynamic flow is ever expressing as you. Thus health is not something you can “get” physically, in pills or potions, or metaphysically in prayers or treatments. You cannot get health. You can only be health. Health is the reality of life, the normal condition of man.

The paradox of medical science is that its basic study of “life” has long been done in the laboratory on cadavers. How can one come to know the dynamics of life by studying about death? Little wonder that medicine has insisted that death is the ultimate and sickness is its inevitable prelude to which we must all learn to adjust.

Fortunately there are some hopeful signs. For instance, Cornell University Medical School some years ago decided to research “what makes healthy people healthy.” This led the researchers away from the “norm” of deterioration and death and into a study of “healthy-mindedness” as the obvious key to bodily health. The scientists found that the healthiest people are those who have habitual attitudes that make them impervious to social situations and surroundings. Perhaps the time has come when all practitioners in the field of health care will need to agree that health and continuing life are the normal condition of humankind, rather than sickness and death. It might also be refreshing to see a modern application of the ageless Chinese practice in which one pays one’s physician to keep him or her well and stops payment when he or she is ill. Certainly it would change the perspective of the doctor and the patient!

Once you catch the idea that you are a whole creature, a child of the universe, the very self-livingness of a universal stream of life, you will never again be satisfied until you find improvement in health. Unity co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, was a Methodist-bred schoolteacher facing what was in that day a terminal case of tuberculosis. The doctors agreed that she had but a few months to live. It was a condition that had “run in the family,” and thus the prognosis was accepted with resignation. She was, however, a spiritual adventurer on the quest for the truth about life. One day she had a great revelation that changed her life, and by her influence, the lives of thousands of people. She affirmed: I am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit sickness. She began to cast the net on the right side of the boat. Despite the medical verdict, she got into the flow of healing life and went on to live a full life for forty-five years beyond that time.

This is not to say that heredity has no influence on the conditions or tendencies of the body. But it does say that regardless of the kind of physical body heredity has given you or the conditions of consciousness your parents may have imposed upon you, all this is incidental to your experience of life. Fundamental, however, is the truth that you are a child of the universe. You are in the ceaseless flow of transcendent life. Jesus made it very clear that “it is not the will of my Father ... that one of these little ones should perish” (Mt. 18:14). He also said, “Come, 0 blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Mt. 25:34). This kingdom in you is the flow of the universe in focus as you. The inheritance is yours, for you are the living enterprise of the creative process. But you must claim it, know that you are entitled to the fullness of life and get into the flow.

God is a circle that is centered in you. All the attributes of the Infinite are in focus as you, flowing forth through you. You are in this flow. You are this flow at the point where you are. Thus you are a child of the universe, a son of God. Meditate on this tremendous insight. It means that you are created in the image-likeness of an infinite idea. You are the only begotten of God from the standpoint that, no matter what other influences may have left their marks on you from the outside, there is that of you that is begotten only of God, which is forever the “flowering” of the divine flow from the inside. This is the fundamental Truth. All else are incidental facts.

The preacher of Ecclesiastes says, “Behold, this alone I found, that God made man upright, but they have sought out many devices” (Eccles. 7:29). Humankind is created in and of a perfect plan of life. And on the right side of the boat, or in the right state of consciousness, humankind will flow with this natural healing stream. But, as Paul says, “For this cause many are weak and sickly among you” (l Cor. 11:30 KJV). Fishing on the wrong side of the boat, engaging in self-limiting states of mind, we restrict the flow.

We might turn to the story of the fishermen again and note that the fish were there, as always. The change from discouraging emptiness to joyous fulfillment was not in the habits of the fish, but in the attitudes of the fishermen. The healing stream is an eternal reality. There is an allness even within the illness. The whole universe is within you, and its flow is ever the reality of you in a fundamental sense, no matter what the incidentals may be. And it is this reality of wholeness that is the key to the constancy of a healing and renewing process within the body—even when you do nothing or know nothing about it.

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