The Healing Stream, Part 3

By Eric Butterworth
The Healing Stream, Part 3; waterfall

Excerpted from In the Flow of Life.

Some years ago there was a Widely published news item telling of the conclusions reached by a former professor at Harvard Medical School. He pointed out that most illnesses are cured without the victims ever knowing they have had them. He cited many instances in which postmortem examinations revealed unmistakable traces of diseases which the subject had conquered without knowing it.

He insisted that the body has a superwisdom that is biased in favor of life rather than death and which is ten times as powerful as medicine’s imitation. He unblushingly identified this healing power as “God.” And then he made a plea that the medical profession inform patients of this great force working within them. He said, “It does the medical profession no good to avoid the word God. Why not teach the people the Truth?”

Yes, we need to know the basic Truth that every physiologist accepts without question, that in all life there is an inexorable flow toward wholeness. It is usually called the vismedicatrix naturae, which simply means “the healing power of nature.” There is a universal tendency for everything to return to normal whenever the balance of life has been violated. Scar a tree with an axe and return after a time, and you will find that nature has healed the scar. Or if you cut your finger peeling potatoes, you may bind the wound, but in two or three days the cut is healed. Medical doctors with all their skills cannot alter this process, and if they are perceptive of the transcendent flow of life, they will say, “I bind the wound, but God heals the cut.”

This leads to an important observation of the healing process. Practitioners in any branch of the healing arts are, after all, human. Thus the need for ego-fulfillment sometimes leads them to claim the credit for seemingly miraculous results. However, a doctor is not a healer nor is the “faith healer” or metaphysical practitioner. The healing stream of life is the reality behind every appearance. Whether the method employed is medication or meditation, one can only cooperate in opening the mind or body processes to the ceaseless flow of the healing stream.

The healing stream as a basic flow of life has been dramatically demonstrated in a biological laboratory experiment seeking to prove the “field theory of life.” Tree mold was selected as the most unspecialized form of living structure. A slice of the mold was put under a powerful microscope where the viewer could see a lacing of capillarylike rivulets flowing with some form of subcellular fluid. It was discovered that the flow continues for exactly fifty-eight seconds with all the channels flowing in the same direction. Then the flow abruptly halts and reverses itself to flow exactly fifty-eight seconds the other way. There is no known explanation for this phenomenon, but on and on it goes: fifty-eight seconds one way, fifty-eight seconds the other. Back and forth. Perhaps it is the rhythm of the universe.

A metronomic device was developed and carefully synchronized with the fluctuation. Then, with the metronome keeping up the original meter, the tree mold was anesthetized, stopping the flow completely. There was total inactivity of the substance, while the metronome continued its beat. Gradually the anesthesia wore off and the flow in the rivulets resumed, picking up the original beat as indicated by the metronome. This would indicate dramatically that the flow was being directed by a stream of life that is totally transcendent to the life of the tree mold, which had been “out of it.”

This would tend to indicate that the beat of the heart, the flow of the blood stream, and the regulation of bodily fluids may well follow the rhythm of a transcendental conductor. Dr. Donald Hatch Andrews calls it the “symphony of life.”

The important thing to realize from this experiment is that there is a flow involved even within the inactivated substance. This is the great miracle of life—the key to all healing. Through this fundamental principle and process it can be confidently stated of any person, no matter what the condition, “You can be healed.” The means employed may be many and varied, but the reason for the healing is one: the unimpeachable wholeness of the universe. You can be healed because you are whole!

The incidental facts may limit your judgment and your faith, but the fundamental Truth remains: You are a child of the universe, and spiritually, you can never be cut off from the stream of life.

It is an axiom of modern medicine that the only disease is “congestion” and that all other ailments are but an intensification of that congestion which inhibits the natural flow of the healing stream. All congestion first takes root in the mind. Jesus called it resistance. Modern researchers may call it stress.

A fundamental in electronics is Ohm’s law, which says: C = E + R. (Current at the point of use is equal to the power at the source divided by the resistance of the conduit through which it flows.) Even the best conductors offer some resistance, and you can’t deliver current without a conductor of some sort. Consider an electric heating or cooking unit. Current flows through wires (normally copper because they are good conductors with little resistance) to a central coil, made of a special alloy that purposely resists the electricity.

The result? The resistance to the flow converts the current into heat. An electric light bulb follows the same process, except that the incandescent filament gets “white hot” and converts the current into light.

Now see the relationship of this to the physical body as the channel through which the healing stream (or current of life) flows. Resistance begins in the mind, where self-limiting attitudes become poor conductors for the flow. Then the cells of the body, taking their cue from the mental state, begin to experience resistance and congestion.

The result: The healing stream of life is converted into fever and pain and progressive deterioration. Of course, this is an extreme oversimplification, but it indicates how the limitation of consciousness produces stress, which in turn gives rise to all the ills experienced by the physical body.

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