The Healing Stream, Part 4

By Eric Butterworth
The Healing Stream, Part 4; waterfall

Excerpted from In the Flow of Life.

One common complaint relative to illness is lack of energy—the sense of being tired all the time. Fatigue is a fact that is incidental to the experience of life. But the fundamental Truth is that there is never a shortage of energy, even when you are tired. The physical system is amazing in its ability to mobilize energy by letting the healing stream flow. Watch athletes who are momentarily exhausted from a peak competitive performance. They may throw themselves on the ground and in a short time will recover their strength. Soon they are back in the competition with renewed strength. ...

Nine-tenths of all fatigue (in healthy persons) is due to psychological and not physiological factors: financial worries, unsatisfactory working conditions, meaninglessness in life, emotional upsets at home and in business, fear of losing one’s job, and so on. Energy, a veritable Niagara of it, is in you constantly, dammed up by forces of which you may be unaware. You may know the Truth, “wait on the Lord,” remove the barriers, get into the flow, and release such stores of energy as will astound you.

Obviously there is much to be said for proper nutrition and exercise in creating and sustaining a healthy balance of the physical system. However, it is significant that Jesus said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Mt. 4:4). This living word of God is the “healing stream” that flows in and through everyone. The body has an amazing ability to adapt foodstuffs for its needs and to effect what are actual transmutations by the simple act of faith.

Your body is the temple of the living God. It is fed, vitalized, and sustained by the healing and renewing stream of life. If you keep consciously in the flow, you will be guided to eat those things that the body requires. Your tastes will change so that you will begin to desire what you need and not just that which titillates the palate. You will also find unfolding in your natural eating habits a Spirit-motivated diet. “On the right side of the boat,” your weight will be normalized, your food will be easily digested, assimilated, and eliminated, and you will come to the freeing experience of eating to live instead of living to eat.

Jesus claimed that more important than what goes into the mouth is what comes out of it. Perhaps He was being facetious. In a more contemporary idiom, He might have said, “Before you have the first cup of coffee in the morning, take time to establish yourself consciously in the flow of life.” During the sleep of night, you may have experienced a restoration of energy and a new perspective for the new day. But you will soon be facing the challenges of the marketplace. You will need to know consciously that you are in the flow.

Take a few moments in bed, even before you are up and at it, to “wait on the Lord” or get yourself plugged in. The current of life is within you as always, but you need to get your thoughts consciously on the right side. You can affirm something like this: I am in the flow of life, and I move easily with the flow. I am radiantly and enthusiastically alive. I am free from tension, stress, and strain, and I go forward in the flow of life—unhurried and unworried.

Then determine that you will fish only on the right side of the boat. Keep yourself free from negative reactions and the sense of burdensome competition. Your life is to be lived from the inside-out. The things that happen around you or to you can have little bearing on your physical well-being. What counts are the things that happen in you. In the East it is said, “You may not be able to keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building nests in your hair.” When you are in the right consciousness, it will be a case of “none of these things move me.” You will be consciously in the flow.

The first crisis of the day will come when someone asks, “How are you?” or “How do you feel?” Now you have a choice: (1) “Incidentally, I feel terrible; my back aches, my stomach is upset, I have a fever, and so on.” or (2) “Fundamentally, I am in the flow of life; I am wonderful.” The negative response, factual as it may be, will tend to perpetuate that state of consciousness and give rise to continual stress-producing attitudes and the corresponding physical congestion, pain, and deterioration.

Emerson says to gird yourselves about with incessant affirmatives. The reason is easy to see. In this way, you lift the focus from emptiness to fullness, you turn to the other side of the boat, and you actually tend to alter your level of consciousness. And you are not being untruthful, for you are always in the flow, and you are always full of wonder because of the “unimpeachable wholeness of the universe.”

The moment you start working from the right side you realize that your health is “nowhere.” You can say with confidence: I am now full of life and health. The short step from “nowhere” to “now here” is the pause to be still and know … I am in the flow.

Whenever you have a health problem, remember, health is now here. The most important factor in healing is getting out of the “nowhere” consciousness. On this level, the healing effort is motivated by fear and frustrated by the tension of the very anxious effort to find health. Always the first step should be to get into the flow. Life is whole, and you can never be less than whole in the reality of you. Paul says: “We know in part .... But when that which is perfect is come [in consciousness], then that which is in part shall be done away” (1 Cor. 13:9-10 KJV). Get this idea established in consciousness. Affirm: 1 am a child of the universe, established eternally in the healing stream. 1am strengthened, renewed, restored, and made whole in every way.

Keep in mind that the healing stream is constant—not present only when you affirm that it is working. You are in this stream constantly, even if you have been fishing on the wrong side of the boat and manifesting less than wellness in experience. The need is not to overcome illness but simply to get into the flow. Any attempt to “overcome” the physical problem may well give rise to even further tension and stress, which will set up conditions that could neutralize your efforts or even make you worse.

There is a healing stream. It is one of the great realities of life. Wherever there is even a faint glimmer of life, that stream is a reality and a potential for help and healing. The question may be asked, “Is it possible for this condition to be healed?” Who can answer? For the condition is a fixation in the consciousness of the person. Let us ask another question, “Is it possible for a structure of great weight to be held to earth by the force of gravity?” Of course it is possible-and inevitable for gravity is an inexorable force.

There is no incurable illness—only incurable persons who may be locked into certain negative states of consciousness. But consciousness can be changed. One should not oversimplify the process nor assume that by saying a few affirmations or metaphysical treatments a miracle of renewal will easily come. However, know the Truth: You can be healed; you can open the way to the eternal flow of life.

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