How to Reverse Financial Adversity, Part 2

By Eric Butterworth
How to Reverse Financial Adversity, Part 2

In the study of Truth, we talk often about the power of words. It is important to put into verbal form only those statements that you really want to see manifest in your life. Certainly, we are all too permissive in the things that we say about financial conditions in the world. Sometimes the difficulty is in the repeated use of words that could be replaced with some that have a more positive suggestion. For instance, the word problem.You may say, "I have this problem." Immediately the mind turns to dark meanings and impassable obstacles and impossible people. A much better word to employ when referring to some kind of challenge is project. Note what happens when you say, I have this "project." It makes all the difference in the world. The word project suggests a positive endeavor of development. There is a tendency to deal with a problem with tension and strain and the "only a miracle can save me now" consciousness. We tackle a project such as putting a man on the moon with vigor and imagination and in the conviction that it will be done.

What projects do you have before you in your life? If you make a list of problems, you might well wring your hands and feel terrible about your burden. But a list of projects! It even has an exciting ring. Can't you just see yourself rubbing your hands in enthusiasm, eager to commence, and expectant of a positive outworking? ...

Whenever you are faced with a knotty financial dilemma, you always have a clear choice of how you will deal with it. If you brood over the letdown, the disappointment in a job, or some complete collapse of a financial involvement, you simply magnify it out of all proportion. It’s like taking a pebble off the beach and holding it close to your eyes. It may be a small stone, but held close enough it can completely screen your view. Hold it at a proper viewing distance and it can be examined and properly dealt with. Drop it at your feet and it can become a part of a stone path. The Psalmist says, "Thou hast put all things under his [humankind's) feet" IPs. 8:6 KJV)...

All that really counts is what is happening within you. How are you reacting to the experience? Where is your faith?  Within you is a limitless, unborn potential of creativity and substance, and the present experience can be your great opportunity to give birth to it. Thus, if you will, the tragedy can become a blessing, the disadvantage can become an advantage, the failure can become an opportunity, and the disappointment can become "God's" appointment.

When you are grounded in the field of limitless substance, you may be broke, but you can never be poor. It is a marvelous awareness to hold to. You live in the wisdom and substance of Infinite Mind. You may be out of work, but you cannot be out of the flow of creativity. You may have a difficulty, but you are forever one with the guiding light of Spirit by which you can go through the experience, and even grow through it.

You can learn a helpful lesson from the lowly oyster. He is normally a very placid fellow, but occasionally little grains of sand work their way inside his shell and begin irritating him. Naturally, he tries to get rid of them. But when he discovers he can't do this, he settles down and produces one of the most priceless and beautiful things in the world. He turns the irritation into a pearl. So, no matter what the difficulty, the loss, the financial adversity; if you are feeling negative, get busy pearling...


Excerpted from Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth. For more about his teachings, visit