I AM: The Only Name You Have—Part 2

By Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

Choose Your Identity

At many conventions, name tags are put on a table in front of the main hall. You are expected to find the tag with your own name on it and pin it on your lapel. Of course, you choose your tag carefully because you don't want to be identified as someone else.

It's much the same with your use of your I AM. You are naming yourself. You are calling on the universe to identify you with what you are claiming and then to help you to produce that claim in your life.

Your I AM is your true identity. In fact, it is your only identity. Only you can say the words I am. Only you can direct the energy of these words to a universe waiting to do your bidding.

How successfully Jesus used the words I am! The Scriptures are scattered with His statements of identity, from "I am the bread of life" (John 6:35). "I am the light of the world" (John 8: 12). "I am the resurrection and the life" (John 11 :25), to "I am the Alpha and the Omega" (Rev. 22: 13).

Years ago a television commercial for a stock brokerage company featured a crowded room filled with noisy people. The camera focused on two of the people who were speaking privately. One said to the other, "My broker is so-and-so, and they say ... " Suddenly the room became quiet as everyone turned to listen intently to what so-and-so thought about the stock market.

In a similar way, all of the creative energies of the universe stop and listen when we say "I am ... " since it is their function to bring us whatever it is that we're claiming for ourselves. They are always ready to spring into action whenever a claim is entered.

Taking God’s Name in Vain

As a child, you probably learned the Ten Commandments. Remember the third? "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain" (Ex. 20:7). Personally, we used to think that meant don't curse using the name of God. But the ramifications of this commandment are so much deeper than that.

When Moses confronted the burning bush and was told to return to Egypt, he asked God's name. He was told, "Say this to the people of Israel, 'I AM has sent me to you' .... This is my name for ever" (Ex. 3: 14-15). Thus we came to learn that God's name is I AM. Now, could it be only coincidence that God's name is the very same name we use when referring to ourselves? Not a chance, when we remember that Jesus very clearly described God and the kingdom of God as being within us. He insisted that the Father and we are one. To Jesus, the focal point of God and that oneness is indeed within us. In fact, it is the I AM of us, the Christ of us.

From Pristine to Personal

In its most pristine expression, the I AM of us is Godlike—eternal, pure, and unchanging. If we attach a human limitation to our I AM, we limit its expression through us. It is no longer eternal, pure, and unchanging. It is ... well, whatever we say it is.

The I AM is impersonal and universal, but you personalize it when you say, "I am ... " I am angry. I am afraid. I am sick. However, phrases like these merely reflect the human you expressing your personal universe. Your real I AM cannot be angry. Your true I AM cannot be afraid. Your authentic I AM cannot be sick because I AM is the name of the God nature in you. I AM is the essence of the God potential which expresses as you. Therefore, I AM is all-peace, all-power, all-wholeness.


Let's go back to the third commandment. We see that the name of the Lord in this commandment is really I AM. It is the presence of God, not just in a burning bush, but in you. In fact, it is the presence of God being you. So whenever you attach a negative or untruth to your I AM, it is then that you are taking God's name in vain.

Jesus used the words, "I am" when He referred to Himself as "the way, and the truth, and the life." He was saying His I AM-the Christ identity within Him—is the way and the truth and the life. He taught that the same I AM presence in each of us is the seed of our own salvation, our own way and truth and life. It is the key which unlocks the door to what is to become of us. The more we get into the habit of using the I AM in the right way, the more effective it becomes in creating high-quality life for us. As with any exercise, the more we practice, the better we get.

Staking Your Claim

Think about it. When you say "I am," just what are you really saying? It is, first of all, your identity. It is what you are claiming for yourself. It is how you are identifying who and what you are. What you voice after the words I am reflects your state of consciousness. It reflects your own idea of yourself and what you think will eventually be projected into the visible world.

What you say after "I am" is what you are linking to God's name, and God's name, I AM, is not a static concept because God is always creating. It is God's nature to create. And since we are co-creators of our world with God, our use of our I AM is the dynamic shaper of our world. Our I AM is an ongoing creative energy, always bringing into our world exactly what we ourselves identify with. It is by the use of our I AM that we form and shape the circumstances and events of life.

Pick Up the Right Tag

The great thing about all of this is that the I AM of you, your God self, is always seeking to project itself into visibility as you. It is the fountainhead of your desires at their most spiritual level. What you want to be at your highest level, you can be because this desire is the intuitive awareness and expression of your I AM.

The power of prayer is elevated to an ever higher plateau when you join this I AM energy with your most fervent desire:

"I am healthy and well."

"I am at peace."

"I am prosperous and successful."

"I am an ageless expression of Spirit."

All of a sudden the importance of speaking only words that we want to see become manifest in our lives becomes very obvious. What we attach to our I AM is directing the creative power of infinite Mind. Whether that direction is into a negative channel or a positive channel is up to us. There are all kinds of name tags on the table for us to pick up and pin on: fear or peace, sickness or wholeness, poverty or abundance, despair or inspiration. The more intimate we become with our I AM as we practice using it correctly, the more deeply we will come to appreciate this power of God in action in our lives.


In the consciousness of your indwelling Christ essence, you can rest assured that God is your source and you are an heir to all of God's good. If you remember your divine origin and, more importantly, that your I AM is rooted in that origin, you will automatically employ this powerful asset to change your life for the better.

Your I AM is what you are. It is the wagon to which you hitch whatever you choose to carry you through life. You can hitch up to mediocrity or you can hitch up to greatness.

Hitch your wagon to a star.

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