Keeping in Tune

By May Rowland
Keeping in Tune

A spirit of harmony pervades the universe. In an address entitled "New Science and New Faith," Donald Hatch Andrews, professor of chemistry at Johns Hopkins University, says, "We are making the startling discovery that, in a word, the basic reality of our universe is not matter but music."

He tells us further that if we could attune our ears to listen to what goes on inside the atom we would "become aware of music like great rolling organ music all about us, intermingling melody and harmony. One atom sings and it is answered by music in all the neighboring atoms. It is in this music that we find the real significance of life and the significance of the universe."

It is good to think about this vast symphony at the very center of our being. When we quiet our thoughts, our minds, and our bodies, we can feel the spirit of harmony.

This spirit is omnipresent—within, without, and all about us—but we come in touch with it first within our own hearts. To keep in tune with it means not only peace of mind, but it also means perpetual health for the body and joy for the spirit.

To keep himself in tune with the great divine harmony of life is the most important business of man. Above the strife and din of existence, there is always the eternal, heavenly symphony. At any time, under any circumstance, we can feel the peace of its divine melody. It is here just as the air is here. All that is required of us to enter into its sweet harmony is that we open our mind and heart and find the joy and peace that we so much desire.

Pythagoras, the great Greek philosopher, went to Egypt and stayed 21 years learning occultism. When he returned to his home, he preached some strange doctrines. Man, he said, and the whole universe were created by God as a musical production. He pointed out that if sand is placed on a plate, and a cord is drawn across the plate, the sand will arrange itself in symmetrical forms. He said that probably the earth took form from the harmonious vibrations of the Word. It may be that God is singing the universe into expression this moment.

Because we are part of this great "musical production," when our sense of harmony is lost we find our body unstrung and we call such conditions sickness or disease; we are momentarily out of tune. Discord in our life and affairs easily passes when we are attuned to the divine. We do not allow the discord in the lives of others to disturb us and hinder us from seeking to keep our own life in tune.

We regulate our life by the perfect standard of harmony. If we listen to the discords that another person is making while getting his life in tune, we can never hope to regulate our own life harmoniously.

Jesus gave the key in these words: "What is that to thee? Follow thou me." This bidding, "Follow thou me," points the unmistakable way to healing, to abundant life in Christ.

If a person keeps in tune with the good and the true, he will help his neighbor swing into perfect rhythm, and both he and his neighbor will become part of the universal symphony. Health, happiness, and prosperity, indeed all of life's rewards, come to us through our keeping in tune with the infinite harmony of God.

Our keeping in harmony with God makes us perfect instruments for the expression of His mighty word through us. Charles Fillmore says, in speaking of the relation of mind to music: "Who shall tell what man may do when all his forces are brought into play, and he knows how to properly control them. When the faculties are in spiritual harmony, music flows from man as naturally as the brook murmurs in cadence or Niagara roars in organ tones."

All the beauty that we behold and all the melody that we hear come to us because of our attunement with the spirit of harmony. Both beauty of character and loveliness of face emanate from an inner peace that results from attunement with infinite Spirit. …

Knowing the importance of keeping our lives in tune, let us be joyous, let us be happy and enthusiastic about the good things in life. Let us put into action the joyous life and energy within us by talking and thinking about the good things. Let us give thanks to God for the blessings that we daily receive. Let us bless with our love and good will the persons with whom we are associated; let us find joy in loving service.

We can live in such harmony with the Infinite that we need not suffer pain; we need not know sickness. Is not this state worth attaining? Let us enter into the joyous, harmonious state of mind that will make us healthy, keep us healthy, and fill our lives with peace and happiness.

May Rowland is a former director of Silent Unity. Excerpted from the book Dare to Believe.