Law of Mind Action

By Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

When the British tennis star Gem Gilbert was a little girl, she watched in horror as her mother died of shock in the dentist chair during a tooth extraction. The experience had such a profoundly negative impact on her that for the next thirty years she refused to go to a dentist. Finally, she was suffering from a toothache of such severity that she agreed to have a dentist come to her home to see if he could help her. He arrived to find her surrounded by her family, her friends, her personal physician, and even her minister. Upon examining the tooth, the dentist informed Gem that he would have to extract it. But before he could even begin, she died!

After a lengthy obituary detailing her life and athletic accomplishments, the article in the London Daily Mail concluded that she was killed by thirty years of thought!

Think About This!

Apple seeds can only grow apple trees. Dogs can only produce puppies. Continually give builders the same blueprint and they will continually build the same house. Regardless of location, time of year, or builder, a blueprint for a white stucco house with a white picket fence will yield a white stucco house with a white picket fence. How can it not? “But I wanted a red brick house without a fence.” Well, then create a different blueprint.

It's been estimated that we have 60,000 separate thoughts each day. That's about fifty thoughts each minute! How astounding. It shows that we have an incredible ability to process ideas. Yet what's even more astounding is the fact that about 99 percent of today's thoughts are the same as yesterday's! No wonder it is so difficult for us to change our lives.

How can our lives be anything different than our thoughts? God's desire for us is absolute good. It is our minds that decide what part of God's good will becomes part of our lives. You can see that the choice has to be ours, otherwise the concept of free will is a hoax.

If what happens in our lives is the result of anything other than our thinking, then it is not we who decide our fates. It would be believing that God gives us free will but then capriciously takes it back by interfering in our choices.

Happily, that is not so. God works with us to bring into our lives whatever we desire and expect. In God-Mind, there is perfect good for us. God is the Master Builder, but we have provided the blueprint.

Power In a Small Package

It may be difficult to accept the fact that thoughts have any power. After all, what is a thought but a few millionths of a watt of electricity generated in a computer made of flesh, undetectable by all but the most sensitive equipment. How can something so minuscule change our lives which are so complex?

It may even be tempting to think that a thought is not a real thing, but there is no doubt that it is. If it were not, a thought of fear could not increase adrenalin and cholesterol, dilate your blood vessels, and create the many other physical changes in your body. If a thought were not a real thing, then a thought of love could not strengthen the immune system and infuse the body with other beneficial chemicals. Yes, thoughts are things. Thoughts are energy.

Years ago Albert Einstein said that energy and matter are related and that neither is created nor destroyed. Rather, he said, energy is changed into matter and matter into energy.

Since thoughts are energy, our thoughts must affect us. There is no way that they cannot, any more than the energy of a fire cannot affect a piece of coal. Our "thought" energy is transmuted into the "matter," the circumstances, of our lives.

Do you still want your life to change? Then you will have to change the blueprint, because the universe is plastic to your thoughts and desires. The entire universe is waiting for you to tell it what to do. Your thoughts are the blueprint from which it works.

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