Let There Be Love

By Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann
Let There Be Love

Everybody loves somebody or something—sometime, somewhere, somehow. It may seem to be only one's self or one's problems—or maybe one's rigid opinions. But love must play a part in the life of every individual. It is our nature to love.

Love is the most universally recognized and most frequently misinterpreted of the Twelve Powers. It is a part of life and living, and without love, people perish. Even a wrong interpretation of this attribute of God is better than no love at all. But, as those who are seeking to unfold all the faculties under God direction, we can be guided into the right use and development of this power. As we let the divine interpretation of love unfold in our lives, we will find that it opens the door to experiences of God's good, above and beyond anything we have ever thought was possible.

In Spirit, love is "the pure essence of Being that binds together the whole human family" It is the harmonizing, healing, unifying, attracting power in the universe. In nature, it works as gravity. In Divine Mind, it is the idea of universal harmony and unity, that which binds together the whole of God's creation into one harmonious unit so that even the tiniest movement of a person's finger displaces atoms out in space; and the thoughts and feelings of our civilization combine to form a race consciousness which determines the future of all humankind. We are indissolubly linked with everything in God's creation, and the only place we can ever be separate from it is in our own thinking-feeling nature. …

Love is. Love continues to be, just as the sun continues to shine, whether or not we know it is there, whether or not we can see it, whether or not we believe in it.

On the level of mind, in the human plane, love (or oneness, a sense of identification) is the power that draws people together as families and friends. Also in mind, at a higher level of development, it can be the inner light that enables us to see good in all persons, to identify with the higher nature of other individuals, even when they fail to express it.

As Charles Fillmore explains it: "Love is an inner quality that sees good everywhere and in everybody. It insists that all is good, and by refusing to see anything but good it causes that quality finally to appear uppermost in itself, and in all things." …

The love center in the body is in the heart. As the heart circulates life-giving blood throughout the body, so a right concept of love circulates life-giving sustenance through our thinking-feeling nature, as well as through our body and affairs. Development of the God-consciousness of oneness enriches all phases of the life it enters. The faculties of love, centered in the heart, and wisdom, from its seat at the pit of the stomach, meet in the solar plexus, at the back of the heart and stomach.

In considering the unfoldment of the love faculty, we must make sure that we link it always with wisdom and that we build both attributes always under the direction of the Christ. As Jesus encouraged and developed the disciples, so we must encourage and develop the faculties they represent, always remembering to keep the Christ, our own God nature, in charge. …

It is well for us to remember that the creative activity of God is based in the two phases—Father-Mother, male-female, wisdom-love—because it is through the right use of these two powers that we are able to produce divinely inspired ideas, and from them, perfect results in our manifest world.

Fillmore explains: "Divine Mind blessed the union of wisdom and love and pronounced on them the increase of Spirit. When wisdom and love are unified in the individual consciousness, man is a master of ideas and brings forth under the original creative law"

This is the way in which we would have love and wisdom working for us in consciousness, always under God direction, producing perfect results in our lives.

However, in linking love with wisdom, we must not take anything away from this feminine-mother quality. It is love that looks past appearances to behold the Truth of being. It is love that enables us to live in harmony with all our universe. It is love that heals, prospers, attracts, holds, and makes real the good ideas. And divine love is the greatest power for protection in the universe. …

Without love in its physical application, established through gravity and the right relationship between stars and galaxies in space, it would seem that our universe would literally fall apart. And without the God-directed expression of love in our lives, we will find that the whole experience seems meaningless and futile. Love gives body to our aspirations and direction to our evolution.

It is not necessary for us to like all that we see in our world. We do not have to agree with the wrong things that people do. But regardless of appearances, we must love the Christ or God in all persons and all things. We must, because it is our nature to love and because "he first loved us." …

Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann (1922–2012) was an ordained Unity minister and the author of six books, including Focus on Living. This article was excerpted from Your God-Given Potential.