The Light Will Dawn

By Mary L. Kupferle

Do you feel today that your faith is rock-bottom low? Do you feel that you cannot hold out another minute in steadily believing that good will come through the experience facing you or someone you love? Does it seem that every door is closed, that your path is increasingly difficult? Take heart, dear friend, and know that almost every one of us feels this way at times in our search for guidance, healing, encouragement, new understanding of ourself, our life, and ways to meet each challenge as it arises.

The strength you need will come through. The release you seek at this very moment will break through and flood your being. The answers will become clear. The doors will open. The light will dawn!

Some time ago, when I had prayed persistently concerning a personal need within my own life, the above words came to me quietly and reassuringly, almost as though spoken aloud … "The light will dawn." I took hold of them as a rod and staff, day by day, and repeated them silently and aloud until they were veritably incorporated within every cell and atom of my being. As a result, evidences of relief quickly came through, not only emotionally, but physically, and in various areas of my life. It was a most wonderful and satisfying experience.

Whether you are going through a financial testing, a physical problem, an emotional upset, be assured that as you use the words, "The light will dawn"—it will! Whatever you need to see, you will see. Whatever you must face and surmount, the way to do it will come quickly. If you need healing, healing will break through speedily. If you need comfort and reassurance, comfort and reassurance will be given in abundance to you. The light will dawn!

Repeat the words now to yourself, silently and aloud, "The light will dawn … the light will dawn … the light will dawn ... . " Relax and drop all anxiety about how the light will dawn, how the problems will be solved. The loving Father will reveal to you the right solution, at just the right time. God will open up the best ways, and bring about the best results. As you continue to speak the words, "The light will dawn," your mind will open up to the inner flow of divine wisdom, peace, and love that is ready and waiting to bless your entire life.

Refuse to believe that your prayers are not as effective as someone else's. Instead of permitting thoughts of doubt and feelings of discouragement to lodge within your mind, begin to be more positive in your manner of praying. Speak the words, "The light will dawn," in tones of authority and conviction! To speak the words, "The light will dawn," with authority and conviction means to speak them with energy and vigor. This is the kind of prayer Jesus Christ prayed, prayers that were energetic, filled with dynamic life and faith, prayers that were vigorous in conviction and belief in the goodness of God. No one can imagine His prayers and words as being other than authoritative in the light of the miracles that resulted!

This is the way you are to pray today, as you declare (about any dilemma in your life), "The light will dawn." Speak in faith, in conviction, and with the energy and vigor of your highest belief in God's ever-present life and strength, peace and love within you.

Speak the words, "The light will dawn," in tones of authority and command in the face of any appearance of limitation, negation, or bondage of any kind. Be consistent and insistent in your positive attitude and manner of speaking these words. Speak in faith. Speak in confidence. Speak with conviction. Say with authority, "Let there be light!" Say with firmness and thanksgiving, "The light will dawn!"

It is also helpful and healing to listen more attentively to the voice of God within you than you have ever listened in your life. No matter what anyone says negatively, no matter what seems to oppose or deny your progress in any outer way, no matter what your former limited opinions have been about yourself or the conditions of your body or life, turn within to hear what the Spirit of truth would say to you. Keep listening within, keep tuned in to the inner guidance and direction. Listen for the dawning of direction. Watch for the coming of the light. Continue this attention within, not only during times of quiet prayer but as you go about your outer activities—in your car, on your job, walking down the street, fulfilling household chores, doing the routine things required of you.

If you should find yourself falling back into negative attitudes of any kind, or thinking, I'll never stop being afraid. I'll never get rid of this ailment. I'll never be able to pray effectively, refuse, deliberately refuse, to listen to such thoughts. Turn a deaf, unhearing ear to them. Decisively, positively turn away from them, and again listen within to the inner voice of God's love and reassurance as you repeat the words, "The light will dawn ... the light will dawn." You will then hear what you should hear. The inner light will shine through in ways you can perceive and understand. As you listen attentively, the light will dawn!

Follow through on your prayers and listening with some form of affirmative action. Instead of saying that you do not know which way to turn, act out your prayers and faith to the best of your ability. Perhaps the move may be doing something very simple, or it may be doing something that requires special courage. Either way, know again: "The light will dawn!" Choose to move forward in an affirmative, positive attitude, realizing that you are backed by all the wisdom, love, and power of God in any move you make. There will be no mistakes, no failures, only God's right action moving through you to bring about wonderful and miraculous results. The light will dawn as you act affirmatively.

Often someone asks me for help in prayer. Because I personally do not know what is right for that person regarding his needs and his inner soul's seeking and development, I turn to the words. "The light will dawn,” knowing very strongly and surely that the light of God within him will guide and lead and direct him into his own perfect path of attainment of his good. One of my most frequent and effective prayers, therefore, for others as well as for myself is for light. I believe "The light will dawn" and it does!

Using this particular prayer recently for someone in need of employment, the answer came almost immediately. In another instance a serious ailment of long standing was instantly healed. For others new harmony and understanding were miraculously opened up. Blessings have come through beyond measure in the quiet inner knowing, "The light will dawn!"

Begin now, dear friend, to follow these steps as outlined in using the prayer, "The light will dawn." The light will dawn, and healing will follow. The light will dawn, and supply will flow richly. The light will dawn, and peace will reign. The light will dawn, and harmony and order will be restored. As you pray with authority and conviction, listen attentively, and act affirmatively, nothing shall be impossible to you!

Mary L. Kupferle was an ordained Unity minister. Since 1944, Kupferle's articles have appeared in Unity Magazine®, Daily Word®, and other Unity publications. She has inspired millions of readers through her writings.