Linking Heart and Mind Through Prayer

Whether we realize it, accept it or even want to know it, we are all part of the same universe, part of something larger and more significant than our own unique personalities. Every thought we think, every action we take, every word we speak, affects us and the people around us in some way and on some level.

At the beginning of their awakening to this idea, Unity founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore found it important to take time to pray. They believed that prayer is our link to God and to each other. They also believed that prayer connects us to the endless ebb and flow of Spirit – the endless circle of birth and death, growth and renewal that we all share. You are part of this connection, and as we in Silent Unity pray with you, we hope you feel our oneness in the spirit of God.

James Dillet Freeman wrote that prayer “is a way of life as well as a way of facing life. It is an end as well as a means. It is a spiritual experience.” In Silent Unity, we know this very well, for we have been in continuous prayer for more than one hundred years, and we have seen evidence of the power of prayer in many ways.

You, too, can experience the prayer way of life, the prayer way of facing life. You, too, can feel the joy of turning to God and of feeling the spirit of God within working in your life. As you do, we believe that wondrous things will begin to happen.

We believe that as you pray, you will understand that life is a circle of growth and change – a circle that has no beginning or end. You will understand that every change is a growth experience and that every action can promote a positive reaction. You will know deep within your heart that throughout each change, you are not alone, for the spirit of God goes before you and with you in all of life's experiences.

As you pray and become more attuned to God, we see you experiencing greater growth and change. We see you experiencing a deep connection with God and finding out who you are as a spiritual being. …

Life is an endless journey, filled with experiences of self-discovery and peace and faith. We join you on this journey, and we give thanks that together we are united in a sacred circle of life in which we realize the blessings of God.

—Your friends in Silent Unity