The Little Snowflake and the Sunshine

By Gregory Barrette

Once upon a time, there was a little snowflake.

Actually, it wasn’t quite a snowflake …

If you looked at it under a microscope …

There it would be,

The tiniest image of a snowflake,

Born within a cloud.

And it grew …

And grew …

And grew

Until it fell right out of the cloud!

It had grown too big to stay there!

“But I don’t want to leave my cloud!” said the little snowflake.

Just then, another voice spoke:


“Who are you?” asked the little snowflake.

“I am the sunshine.”

“The what?”

“The sunshine.”

“What’s that? I can’t see any sunshine! Where are you hiding?”

“I am here, all around you, but you cannot see me.”

“Now, listen carefully.”

“As you go along your journey, you must remember two things:

It is good for you to change. And to change, you must let go of who you once thought you were.”

So the little snowflake drifted in the wind …

Down … down … down … it drifted …

It didn’t seem to have any real sense of direction …

But then, suddenly …


It had bounced off another snowflake!


And another!


And still another!

“I don’t like it when I bump into other snowflakes!”

“I don’t like it either,” said another … and another … and another still!

These voices were all of the other snowflakes.

The whirling, rushing wind had pushed them into another, and they did not like it one bit!

“It is good and necessary for you to bump into one another. That way you will learn how to get along. You are all on a very special journey. You each have a very special purpose,” said the sunshine.

“All I see are clouds above and lots of annoying little snowflakes like me. We all seem to be bumping into each other a lot. Where are you?”


The little snowflake’s conversation with the sunshine was interrupted.

It landed in a snowbank, surrounded by all kinds of different snowflakes. They all lay there, complaining.

“I don’t like it when I am stuck here with you!”

“I don’t like it either,” said another snowflake …

“It’s way too crowded here!”

“Get off of me!”

and so on …

And then the sun came out!

“Here I am, at last!” said the sunshine. “It is good and necessary for you to lie here on this snowbank. You are still on a very special journey. Pretty soon, you are all going to join together to fulfill your very special purpose. You must learn how to blend and merge with others to do that mighty task.”

“I don’t want to do that! I want to stay a snowflake! I know what that is! What do you mean, ‘Join together’?”

“Remember,” said the sunshine, “You must always change and let go of who you thought you were so that you can fulfill your special purpose.”

Before the little snowflake could even answer, the sunshine blended the little snowflake together with all of the other snowflakes that make up the snowbank …

And they meltedtogether

“I don’t like this! I am not even sure who I am anymore!” cried the little snowflake.

“That’s okay—just let go and trust that change is good. It’s part of life. And you must change to fulfill your special purpose. That always means letting go of what you thought you were,” said the sunshine.

Deep … deep … deep within the earth, the newly blended snowflake quietly dripped …

“It is time to fulfill your mighty purpose. It is time to change once more. Let go of what you thought you were,” said the sunshine.

“Why do I have to let go and change again? I was just getting used to being part of all the melted snowflakes. Does that mean there’s something more for me to do?” asked the little snowflake.

It struck an acorn … of a mighty oak …

Before the sunshine could even answer, the little snowflake was drawn slowly into the seed. It slowly grew into a vibrant tree, which gave life and nourishment to other plants and animals. The tree provided shade to a family—your family!

And then

Because of a wonderful, magical, scientific thing called “photosynthesis” the little snowflake’s molecules were breathed out of the now-mighty oak tree’s pores.

By this time, the little snowflake had changed and let go so many times that it didn’t mind doing so anymore. It was just excited to see what the next part of its special journey would be!

And there it was!

Still alive, but now

It was the wind!

Dancing in the sunshine!

That was it!

Dancing in the sunshine must be its special purpose …

Until …

A cloud began to form and drew the little snowflake into itself as a tiny seed …

And everything started all over again …