Living a Life That’s Not Just Good, But Amazing!

By Lysa Allman-Baldwin
Living a Life Thats Not Just Good But Amazing!

According to Rev. Temple Hayes, CEO and senior minister of First Unity Campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, when we were children, the world we saw was the size of the world we lived in. For Hayes, who grew up in a strict Southern Baptist community in a small town in South Carolina, that world was one where “everyone thought the same and never asked questions about anything in their lives, including about God.” Nevertheless, she says, she always felt called to make a difference in the lives of others.

Today Hayes is also a life coach, international motivational speaker, author and radio host. She recently appeared on The Balancing Act on Lifetime television, and offered advice and insights on how to overcome low self-esteem and become the empowered people we are meant to be. “All of these wonderful ‘doings’ in my life today came from the lessons of ‘being’ my authentic self on this magnificent path we call life,” she says.

From Good to Amazing
Originally ordained as a minister of Religious Science, Hayes has been involved in Unity and the New Thought movement in a variety of capacities for more than 30 years. Her life purpose, she says, is to help people move—like she has—from “good to amazing.”

Hayes encourages people to allow the teacher within them to call forth the inner student.

“The idea is to honor ourselves through a daily process of questioning how we can experience an amazing life, right now,” she says. “Once people are ready to set aside an ordinary life—a life unplanned without conscious design—and step into an amazing life, they become examples of living the truth.”

Every week, Hayes broadcasts her empowering message to people all over the world through her program The Intentional Spirit on Unity Media Network. “My messages are transformative, organic experiences, giving people the tools they need to discover and sharpen their own amazing abilities,” she says. “I want people to be able to transcend the need for acceptance of others, to being the example of living the truth they'll talk about enthusiastically; to empower themselves and fully express the wondrous energy, love and joy in their wildest imagining—to joyfully and actively know that more important than what happens after you die is the deeper concern for what happens while you're living. That’s what it means to go from Good to Amazing!”

How to Speak Unity
Hayes recently completed a book called How to Speak Unity: A Seeker’s Guide to the Basic Concepts and Terms That Define This Practical Spiritual Lifestyle. An A-Z guide for living fully and joyfully, the idea for the book really started with Hayes’ first exposure to Unity. “When I was in my 20s, a neighbor who said he felt that I was ‘very unique, spiritually’ exposed me to New Thought authors and books. One of those was Daily Word®. I could not stop reading these amazing materials that mirrored my soul back to me over and over again. For the first time in my life, I heard that I was God’s beloved and I was loved just as I AM. What magic to my ears. From that moment my life changed.”

Using vignettes, How to Speak Unity provides empowering tools, clarifying explanations, and daily practices “to live an amazing life,” as well as to explain some of Unity’s core principles and beliefs.

Although the book holds great appeal for people already involved with Unity, Hayes says it also resonates with those who follow other spiritual or religious practices. “The world is longing for compassion, direction and oneness,” she explains. “This book is a resource for understanding spiritual language and the presence of Unity within us and around us.”

“The Unity message is one of honoring nature and honoring life,” she continues. “True living means giving all that we are and have to everything we do.”