Living in the Now

By Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

Spring is past, summer is gone, and winter is here. And the song that I was meant to sing is still unsung. I have spent my days stringing and restringing my instrument.— Author unknown

It may be hard to believe that this is the best time of your life, yet it is because it is the only time of your life. That is the concept which this Teaching is all about. Nothing else exists except the eternal now. God and all good things are present in your life as you read these lines. You can choose to align yourself with God and good, or you can continue to bring the past or the future to this moment. It's like hurrying through a meal to get to the dessert. If you do, you miss all of the nuances of taste that the appetizer and entrée present. 

Leaving the Past 

The first cars were not called “automobiles” by the public. After so many years of seeing horses pulling carriages, people just couldn't get used to seeing carriages proceeding  down the street with nothing pulling them, so they called them “horseless carriages.” In fact, so tied was society's consciousness to the past that the designers of these first automobiles installed buggy whip holders, a useless carryover from another era. It wasn't until the consciousness of society changed completely that the last vestiges of the horse-drawn era disappeared.

  1. What kind of “buggy whip holders” are you carrying around in your consciousness? In what areas are you “walking backwards” through life? Is an early bankruptcy giving you problems with your present self-worth? Is an early childhood trauma dictating much of your present behavior? To what extent are you using the past as a blueprint for the present? Identify all of the buggy whip holders that are no longer useful to you.
  2. Looking to the future can be as fruitless as looking to the past. In what way are your thoughts and feelings about the future affecting your present happiness? For instance, are you waiting for someone to come into your life or something to occur to make you happy? Is a pervasive fear of the outcome of something in the future ruining your present?
  3. What were your “if onlys” as a child? List as many as you can. For example, “If only I were bigger, I could stay up later.” “If only my parents wouldn't fight so much I'd be happier.”
    What were your “if onlys” as a teenager? “If only I were prettier, I'd be more popular.”
    What were your “if onlys” as a young adult? “If only I had a better job, she might marry me.”
    What are your “if onlys” now? 
  4. This moment, as you read these lines, is a brand-new moment in your life. You can choose to be more relaxed, more trusting, more forgiving, more loving. You can choose to be whatever you want. The question is: Are you treating this moment in a new way? If so, how? If not, why not?
  5. What are the wonderful possibilities that exist for you in this now moment, at this Possibility Junction? List as many as you can. …


Act “as if” today. Choose what you want to be today and act all day as if you really were that way.

For example:

“I will act as if I were a very patient person.”
“I will act as if I really enjoy my work.”
“I will act as if I am prosperous.”
“I will act as if! I love everyone.”

Remember, the mind doesn't know the difference between something real and something vividly imagined. You accept your good now.

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