Looking Through

By Sue Sikking

Each of us has a great storehouse of treasures, some of which are just beyond human awareness.

We also have the power to bring these treasures into visibility. This power has always been within every person; it came with us from the beginning and no outer condition or situation can take it from us. We cannot do anything to rob our self of this immeasurable gift. However, we do have the choice to use our God-given powers to the fullest or to let them lie dormant.

Among these treasures is one so profound, so important, that we might say it is our greatest gift. It is the ability to look through the visible that is around us to the invisible that is unseen; without this power there would be no progression. We use this faculty all the time to some degree, but we need to use it consciously with love, for the great purpose for which it was created, and for which we were created. It is the pattern of our growth and unfoldment.

In this day in which we live, a day assigned to us by divine appointment, let us search out our next long step toward making our contribution. Again and again in the history of the human soul the ability to look through appearances has carried the race of mankind forward to new unfoldment and advancement. This ability is one of the greatest forces in human life.

We often call this practice dreaming, yet in our Scriptures it is called vision, and we are told that without it "the people perish." The word dreamer is not always a compliment in the world today. Many of us are so convinced of the power of the outer that we think a dreamer is a fool, a misguided thinker. We must remember that our world has always been the outpicturing of the consciousness of man. The mind is the womb of the world, and from this same consciousness we derive the capability to look through appearances to help create and give birth to a new world. …

We look with our eyes and see the sea and sky and a world of material things, but look has another meaning: "to expect." All things great and small have come forth to the outer from this kind of inner seeing. We have come to expect depression, recession, punishment, lack, even dire want. We cannot look two ways at once without confusion and failure. This is why we are warned by the wise of old against double-mindedness, a double heart, or being double-tongued. We are told that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways and "a house divided against itself cannot stand." To look through is to look beyond any appearance, through the finite to the infinite, through the seen to the unseen.

We look through the rain to the sunshine that lies ahead, through the winter snow and ice to spring that is just beyond, still invisible. We look through the seed to the flower or fruit. We are right now looking through the experiences of life toward the expression of being that is our destiny. We have looked through many difficult times alone and together. We are not the first to meet challenges, assignments, and experiences by looking through them, knowing that life is unfolding and that the hard times too shall pass.

We have looked through war to peace, through failure to fulfillment. We look through the infant to the child and make preparations for adulthood. We look through what is at hand in our own life to the invisible life pattern that is beyond, waiting to be reached by awareness. ...

Let our constant prayer be to look through each moment, each experience, to see the good of it. Let us know that humanity has a great destiny "decreed beforehand by a divine will." So let us step forth with courage and faith, going beyond what seems to be to a new world of life, love, and fulfillment. Our scientists tell us that there are processes underway in the universe that are totally at odds with accepted physical laws. “We shall no longer be ruled by cold, narrow rationality. We have a new world.”

Let us see through a world of differences, a world of changing times, to a world of love. Love is the greatest power on earth, and world love is easy to understand. It is simply stated in the Golden Rule—to want the good for every human being on the face of the earth as fervently as we want our own. A law of life is that like produces like. The new world will be brought forth by men and women who have the courage to look through appearances to the impossible dream, by those who will know that the dream is possible.

Rev. Dr. Sue Sikking (1899–1992) was the founder and minister of Unity-by-the-Sea Church in Santa Monica, California. This article is excerpted from her book, Only Believe.