Love Has Already Chosen YOU! Now, It’s Your Turn

By Jennifer Hadley
Love Has Already Chosen YOU! Now, It’s Your Turn

Time after time, the people around Jesus experienced miraculous and spontaneous healing. When they thanked him, he reminded them that it was their faith that made them whole. He knew that empowering people to understand that God was happening through them, rather than to them, was his teaching opportunity.

Those people around Jesus who had miraculous healings discovered that it was their willingness to place their faith in God and in Love to move through them and demonstrate as their very life that brought forth the miraculous healing. What Jesus gave was the clear mind, the unwavering mind, that can only come from having a pure heart. He brought the true heart of Love. From these healings we learn the role of willingness, openness and allowing.

What if you don’t trust God?

The very thought of letting go and letting God can strike fear in some. There’s the thought “I don’t know how to let go.” When you cling to your idea of what a healing looks like and feels like, how can you actually let go? You can’t. If you’re convinced you know best, of course it’s frightening to surrender and trust God.

If you feel that, in the past, God has let you down and not delivered what you’ve ordered up (via your prayers), then you might not trust God. You might think God’s Delivery Service is undependable. If God is not doing what YOU think God should be doing, then you may not actually know what it means to surrender.

In some contexts surrender means to give up. In battles, the loser surrenders to the winner, but that’s not what God is about. When you surrender your judgments and opinions to God for healing, then YOU are the winner. You are the living, loving presence of God and your desire to hold yourself apart as separate is the biggest loss you can experience.

While the thought of surrender can be frightening, the decision to let go and let God can produce an immediate sense of openness. Think of inhaling and then deciding to give your situation to God, saying as you exhale, “Ahhhhh, thank you, God, I’m giving this to you.” Your decision is the key to letting go.

Open to the Unprecedented Healing Power of Love

If you’re holding onto an idea of how things SHOULD be, how they COULD be, and how they MUST be, then you’re not available for a healing of any kind. We’ve all already had more than enough experience with our opinions and judgments to know that no good has ever come from clinging to them. It’s simply not possible to be open to the unprecedented healing power of Love while simultaneously judging and accusing others.

If you think you already know what SHOULD happen, you are not open to Divine Guidance.

By letting go of our judgments, you invite God to move through you as a loving, healing, guiding presence

Fear is Your Wake-UP Call

Many people find themselves being controlled by fear. What is the answer?

Love. Love is the answer, and love is the healer. Your experience of fear is the wake-up call to release judgment and instead choose love.

Try for one day to surrender your opinions and judgments and relax into a willingness to see Divine Order all around you. Let go and let God express through your heart.

Jennifer Hadley is host of the Unity Online Radio Partner Program A Course in Miracles: Living the Love, Walking the Talk. She is a spiritual writer, speaker, teacher and counselor, and is licensed by the Agape International Spiritual Center—a transdenominational spiritual community founded by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith.