Maternity Lessons

Maternity Lessons

A Silent Unity Classic Article

“Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.”—Luke 2:19

At this special time in your life, you are acting as cocreator with God. Let your thoughts naturally turn toward God, and do not allow anything to deter you from making this experience happy for you and your child.

The creative law of God is working in and through your body to clothe another soul. God is blessing the new life that has begun within you, and divine intelligence is blessing your body, making the necessary adjustments harmonious and easy.

People who have devoted time and study to matters of hygiene, exercise, and diet will help you with these aspects of your pregnancy. Our part is to help you find such closeness with God that you are conscious of God’s help at all times and free from any thought of fear.

During your pregnancy, you are your child’s source of physical strength and substance. Your harmonious attitude will have a positive effect on your baby’s well-being. By keeping your mind filled with faith and relaxing your body, you make it a temple of wholeness and peace where the new life can develop.

Every soul is divine, and every soul is individual. Begin now to give the soul of your child the freedom to choose it destiny, its service, and its place in the world. Know that its heritage will be the blessings you can give through your spiritual understanding, your faith, and your love.

In God are life, love, joy, and peace—all the help that you can need or want. Please join your heart with ours in prayer:

God, Your infinite love enfolds and protects me and my child. Your love sustains and strengthens us. My heart is full of faith. Thank You.