The New Growth of Spring

By Rev. Joy Wyler
The New Growth of Spring

Spring urges us to plant some, grow some and bloom some. Even before the earth and air really hint at warmth, green shoots push up through the brown ground with encouragement. “You can do it,” they say. “Look at us!”

With all the newness unfolding around us, we may begin to wonder if there might not be something new we'd like to see in our lives. There may be a new skill we have always wanted to learn or a healthier habit we feel would improve our life. We may long for closer connections to those around us—our family, friends and co-workers. We may find ourselves looking for ways to contribute to our community and make a difference in the world. 

So then it is up to us. We cannot wait expectantly for our lives to change if we are unwilling to take some action. As we begin to hear old familiar songs in our head, it is easy to ignore the nudges to grow and blossom. “I don't know how,” “I am too old,” “I am too young,” or “I don't have time or money.” Sometimes we just don't know what we want. So we take no action at all. 

Anytime is a great time for spiritual growth, but there is an urgency to grow especially in the spring. The warmer weather inspires us to cast off what we no longer need, whether it is a sweater or an old habit. We may clean debris from a flower bed or a closet—or we may want to “clean out” our minds. 

What are the limiting thoughts that come up most frequently in your mind as you consider beginning a new project, relationship or adventure? Take time to find the root of those thoughts. Ask yourself, “Why do I think that? Where have I heard that idea before?” As you find the root you can begin to transform your thoughts. 

There is a part of you untouched by all the outer judgments and criticisms. There is a spiritual essence of your being that is strong and wise and loving and powerful.

Buried beneath the debris of those limiting thoughts, the truth of your being is pushing up in new growth. There is a divinity in all of us that we may call the “Christ” of our being. As we pull out those unhelpful thoughts, we can replace them with the powerful truth of who we are and what we are capable of. “I am a perfect expression of the Divine Infinite, worthy of all of God's good.”

Take just a moment to be still. Close your eyes and breathe gently. What is longing to be expressed in your life? Can you hear a quiet voice, maybe in the distance, speaking the desires of your heart?

Pick just one thing to bring into expression in your life and trust that when you choose in alignment with your highest good, the Universe conspires to support you. Hold the chosen intention in your mind like a tiny seed. Take one small action and the seed grows.

Celebrate the courage to take that action and watch for the signs of growth. Notice how opportunities arise and support is revealed. Observe that as you give, you receive in unexpected ways. Make a commitment to serve and be ready for the growth that happens in you. Discover the ways that spiritual well-being shows up in every area of your life when you are grateful for even the smallest things. Before you know it, you are off and growing.

Rev. Joy Wyler is the minister of Unity of Lehigh Valley in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.